Change is constant, and change can be scary. 

You would think that it gets better with age. 

Well, it doesn’t. 

From a very young age I’ve realised that change is a fundamental of life. 

Change brings hope, excitement, and at the same time change can bring fear and uncertainty. 

Those who embrace it, those who ride with it, those who react positively towards it, 

They shall prevail and they shall reap the bitter harvest.

Those who rejects it, those who refuse to jump onto the bandwagon, 

They shall be left behind.  Become irrelevant. Forgotten.

So choose. Wisely.

I met a fortune teller

fortune telling

Fortune telling is something that is often frowned upon and it’s considered superstitious.

Many years ago, I knew of a former colleague who is extremely superstitious. She would seek advice from medium and fortune teller for certain decisions in her life. Several close friends has followed her foot steps but me. I’ve refrain myself to do so because I believed in no one but myself, that 40 years of living has thought me that as long as I can dream it, I can do it.

However, certain events lately has clouded my judgement. Without hesitation, I took the chance, FB messaged one of my close friend and asked him to book a slot with the fortune teller. 2 days after that I was on the flight back to Malaysia.
I would not go into detail of my reading. All I can say is that it definitely open up my eyes in to a past events, why certain things happened the way it did and what I can do to prevent certain unfavorable things to happen. The fortune telling method was based on based on birth date namely 八字(Eight Words),紫微斗数 .

Some may argue that we are the master of our fate. I still think we are. But like driving, some times we need ‘Waze’ to guide us to our destination. The same can be said about fortune telling. We can try to navigate our life blindly with no-quit attitude. We might get there, but we would also have made several wrong turns, met several unfortunate events or people along the way.

It’s also not my place to convince anyone to see a fortune teller. But if you do decide to do, make sure you are aware of the following.

1. You need to be mentally strong and prepared.
If you are the desperate for an answer, it would be best to not seek advice from a fortune teller. You need to weight all your options and have a clear mind on what you desire before you seek for an answer. This is because a weak mind can be easily influenced, and if the outcome is not what you expected, it will make matters worst.

2. It can ruin existing relationship if not careful.
There are two type of people in everyone’s life. One is the villain and the other one is the benefactor. In fortune telling, the master will tell you which zodiac or whom in your life that is the villain or the benefactor. Sometimes, it can be pretty dreadful to find out that the villain could be someone you are close to. If not careful, this can ruin relationship, and it might also cause you be to skeptical towards people and their agenda.
In life, we need to understand that human is a complicated being. We are like fluid, we are not constant, we change due to circumstances. And we have to accept that people will be driven to their personal agenda. No mater what, however small or big that agenda is.

3. Do not dwell too much in to what was said about the future.
This is the toughest to do. Once you heard what has been spoken, it quite hard to unheard what was said. Be it a good reading or a bad reading. Know that you are still in control of your future. If you want good fortune, you have to work hard for it because its not going to simply fall on your lap. Simple as that.

4. Know that you are still the master of your fate.
As I said earlier, fortune teller is like ‘Waze’ and can only be served as a guide. At the end of the day, it still has to depend on you, the driver who drives the car. You still have the power to control your destiny, the path you choose to take.

The number 40

I’ve never imagine how life would be at 40.

20s were full of dancing, parties and dating. 

30s were a journey of self discovery, backpacking and endless me-time.

40 is a number that I am not prepared for.  If my life could be a blank piece of paper then these would be what I want to put out to the world to be materialised.

I want fewer but better friends.  Though I am quite approachable, I am very bad with keeping in touch with friends. I seldom make any effort to stay in touch with them and the only time I know their birthday is through FB. Albeit I will show up for my friends when they need me. No excuse but that’s just how I operate…

Growing up, I only had a handful of friends. Simply because I am quite an introvert. I get tired when surrounded by people, which makes it a chore for me to join any outing with people because I deemed that as that requiring a lot of effort . Therefore, I was not able to keep any of friends from high school, college, and my work place. 

To date, I can even count the number of friends I have with my bare fingers. I don’t have a lot but I enough. And if I am able in my 40s, I would want to host more lunches, diners and get together in my home.

I want to start taking care of my well being. As I mentioned in this entry, I let myself go after had my first born especially on the appearance department. I have a huge ass muffin top which I am unable to shed after the pregnancy, I’m 10 kg overweight and not able to fit into any of my pre pregnancy clothes anymore. Now that my son is almost 2 years old, it’s about time I start focusing on myself and get my grove back. 

I want to start producing content on YouTube. Ever since I had my baby, YouTube has been my only source of entertainment. I watch YouTube every night, in my bed, after my son has gone to sleep. So it’s only natural for me to want to dab into this area. It’s not so much about wanting to earn YouTube monies, rather, I want to challenge myself to think creatively.  Putting up content that is creative, useful and positive.

I want to learn how to play the guitar and compose my own song.  Nobody knows this but I really love music. I never pursue it because I have never been confident about my singing ability. But there is always this voice at the back of my mind that never stop persuading me to do something musically. Maybe its the voice musical genes from my father’s side. I don’t know but I am about to find out soon.

I want to buy a house with a little garden for me to grow my own herbs and vegetable. Despite endless persuasion and loan offer from my parents, owning a property has always been a least priority to me. My rational was that I did not want to be tied down by a committed sum of money that I have to fork out every month, I wanted the freedom to go anywhere, live anyone I fancy. But now in my 40s, my priority has changed. I want to have my own place that I can call my own to raise my son. So yeah, I am gonna start looking for a property in Malaysia soon.

Much to look forward to. Here’s to a fabulous 40!

How it’s like being a mom

Being a mom is not something I’ve prepared myself for in this lifetime. Although I would be the first to comment how wonderful children are, but will always the last to want to hold or play with them.

Growing up, I didn’t really have a good role model in the parenthood department. No doubt I am sure my parents did whatever they could and know to provide for me. But the fact of the matter is, I wasn’t happy as a child. And for someone who doesn’t have much good memories I would automatically think that I lack the capacity to make a child happy, let alone raising one.

Fact is, I never had the yearning to raise children, even though I was told by many that if I were to have children, I would be an awesome mom. Perhaps I was thought of as someone who is quite nurturing and a keen ear to listen.  

Looking back to the day my son was born, it has been 1 year and 9 months. I can honestly say that I really enjoy this journey. Although I had to forego my one year backpacking trip, lazing around doing a lot of nothing, going to the cinema every weekend and loosing heck lot of me-time. But this experience of motherhood is something that I wouldn’t trait for anything in this world!

So here’s my list of how it’s like being a mom.

I have to admit that I’ve sort of let myself go the day my son was born. I used to love dressing up, I cared about my weight and how I present myself to the world. But with the little one who is ever so demanding and a 9-6 job that has never taken a back seat, I followed the footsteps of the late Steve Job and Mark Zuckerberg’s work uniform. The blue jeans and black tee approach. While a minimise wardrobe saved me a lot of time to get ready for work, it also causes me to lose interest in my weight and appearance. Which also resulted in feeling a bit inferior when I am surrounded by so many beautiful people in the land of smiles (Thailand). 

I am quite an emotional person, who cry buckets watching soapie. But after becoming a mother, that feeling further intensifies. When I see the suffering of children shared on social media, I couldn’t help by cry. When I see children begging on the street, I would cry. When I see young children cleaning windscreen on the roads of Bangkok, I would cry. Somehow these incidents seems to triggers back to my son. Which I hope in a million years that he wouldn’t have to experience.

My father has instilled in me the importance of time management. For as long as I can remember, I am always early. Rain or shine, traffic or not, day or night, I make it a point to arrive before my appointment. To me, those who is always late does not have respect for themselves and others, period. With the arrival of my son, time management became even more crucial as my son has a routine that he follows everyday. From the time he wakes up for breakfast, walks in the garden, bath, nap, lunch, dinner and play time before he sleeps at night. And because of that, it helps me to become more productive at work. I goes in and leaves the office on time, and I had to ensure that all work are completed during office hours because bringing work home is not something that I would want to do. 

I’ve always believe in doing the right thing. My number 1 principle in life. Do whatever it takes to do the right thing. With my son in the picture, that became my guiding principle. I don’t just want to do the right thing because that’s what I should do. But I want to do the right thing because I want to be a good role model for my son. 

As I pen this down, I want to forever remember the moments that make motherhood so wonderful. The way my son look and smile at me when he wakes up from his sleep every morning, when he hold my hand with his little fingers, wanting me to accompany him everywhere he goes, when he greets me with his bear hug whenever he comes back from his walk and when I return from work. Not forgetting our special game when he would start running whenever I sing “Banana… in pyjamas….is…coming after Han!” knowing that I will catch him and tickle him crazy!

I will cherish these moments forever.

baby at 19 months

10 months has gone by since I last updated. My baby boy is 19 months now! He turned out to be quite an active boy, very tall, very charming, very cheeky, very observant and very…well…mama’s boy.

My love for him knows no bounds…there is so much that I want to say which could not be described in words. Having him is the best thing that ever happened to me.

So here’s a photo update of my baby boy. May he be blessed so abundance of love and joy as him to me.


back from hiatus

Look Thep

Wow, time flies. It’s been almost 6 months since I last updated this blog.

My baby boy is almost 10 months young now, weighing at least 12kg. And he has grown to be such a gorgeous boy! I know every parent is bias when it comes to their children but…this baby boy of mine is such as traffic stopper WHEREVER he goes. And it really gets on my nerve when strangers started whipping out their phone and take his photos without permission.

In Thailand, there is this trend where people worship ‘haunted dolls” by the name of Look Thep. It was said that people who worship such dolls will be blessed with abundance of wealth. So one day we brought baby Han to a play group, he was spotted by a lady in the lift and upon laying eyes on him, she got so excited and started screaming literary because he look like a living Look Thep. She then took out her phone and snap a photo of baby Han… with FLASH!

I was furious! So I asked her why did she take the photo (yes I can now converse in Thai), and she just smile and said ‘because he is cute’. *Facepalm

His dad was as proud as a peacock.

And me, pissed as hell.

End of today’s update. Stay tuned for more. I’ll make sure it won’t be another 6 months before I update this blog hahahahaha…

Look Thep
Look Thep

My baby

Coping with change

This is a topic that not many people talk about. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever warm me that my relationship with my husband will change after our baby’s arrival.

For the past 4 months, I felt that our marriage has deteriorate from bad to worst. At first, I thought post natal depression was the culprit. But until today, I am still unable to reconnect to how we were before the baby was born.

As the days goes by, I find it harder and harder to feel love for this man that I used to admire so much. Instead, I feel resentment for having to give so much but receive so little in return. A typical day for me goes like this.
– Wakes up at 6.30am to feed the baby, shower, do some housework and go to work at 8.30am
– Work from 9am-6pm
– Reached home at 7am, take over from the nanny. Take care of baby and put him to sleep at 9.30am (if I am lucky).
– Wakes up at 12am, 2am, 4am, 6am to feed the baby.

My husband asked me, why don’t I pamper him like I used to?
The fact is, I am tired.
And I am angry.

Tired because I have a 9-6 job, I am a mother and a wife.

Angry because I don’t feel appreciated. I am expected to do all of the above and on top of that support his restaurant business. I am angry because I have to clean after him. I am angry because I don’t have savings. I am angry because he couldn’t even buy a card for me on Mother’s Day. And the fact that he is so oblivious to the subject presented, and think he has done such a good job compare to other men.

This morning, my bestie asked me, If I see myself growing old with him? If we share the same interest and outlook towards life?

I used to think we can grow old together, I used to think we see the same direction…but now I am not so sure. And today, I don’t even feel like going home.

But that’s not an option. Because I miss my baby, who is the world to me.

Do I think we can work it out? Honestly I don’t know.

Only time will tell.

baby at 4 months

Baby Han is 4 months old now! How time flies! He is measuring at 64 cm tall and weight 8.8kg. He is considered a big baby for his age. But as long as he is growing healthily, I have nothing to complain and worry about 🙂

At 4 months, he can now recognize faces and loves flashing us his big smile whenever he wakes up from his sleep and during play time. He can also hold his own water bottle and loves to drink water. Perhaps its refreshing and taste different from his milk. He is also practicing his hand movements and understand that he has control over his little hands. Its a funny sight to see when he pushes his bottles away with his hands when he actually wanted to drink his milk.


He couldn’t crawl yet but he likes to stand on his 2 feet. Of cause we don’t put weight on this feet when we carry him while letting his feed touch the ground.
He also loves to sit up instead of laying down nowadays. And watching TV has become his favorite thing to do instead of browsing through his books. Maybe I just need to be more animated when I read him his storybook.

It’s such a blessing to have him in our lives 😀

About motherhood

Time flies! Another 18 days before my maternity leave ends and off I go back to the corporate world.

The past 2 months has been a roller coaster ride. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say that there has been a lot of blood, sweat, tears.

Motherhood isn’t easy. Especially for a new mother like myself who isn’t familiar with taking care of babies, doesn’t have a lot of support here in Bangkok and have been a bit terrified of babies.

I’d teared a lot in the beginning. I couldn’t differentiate between day and night, I didn’t rest and ate on time, which resulted in breastfeeding problem. Those days, I felt like giving up and often find myself reminiscing the good old days when I was carefree and single.

It was so confusing as well, with various opinions from various sources. Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that. I know that people mean well and experience mother tend to be enthusiastic about passing on parenting skills. But the fact is, there is no one master manual in parenting because every baby is different.

I am very glad that I went with my instinct coupled with advice from BabyCenter. I picked up my baby the moment he starts crying, I rock him to sleep in my arms among other things that experience mothers said not to do. I mean why shouldn’t I? Babies deserved love and care. Why do we deprive them of all that just so we can have more sleeping hours?

I am glad I follow my instinct. Made me feel like a million bucks when my little man recognizes my voice, speak to me in baby language and look me in the eye and smile when he wakes up.

So far I think I have done helluva good job as a mom. After all, I have with me a happy little boy 😀

This makes everything worthwhile.

about breastfeeding

Before little Jorgito was born, I’ve always wanted a natural birth so that my breast milk would come right after delivery to breast feed little Jorgito. In fact, I felt very strongly about feeding baby with breast milk for the first few months due to the nutrition it provides .

Then little Jorgito was born through c section and my worst nightmare came true.

In the first 3 days while I was recovering in the hospital. My nipple was so bruised and sore due to constant squeezing and sucking. We later found out that little Jorgito was not able to latch properly because he has tongue tied. Which causes much pain to my nipple when he sucked them. However, thank God the pediatrician found out earlier and we were able to let the doctor perform a small surgery to fix the issue. But that’s another story all together.

Some of my friends even told me to prepare formula for bottle feed because milk supply will be low on the first few days. I didn’t listen because I wanted so much to breast feed. But the reality was that I only managed to produce little colostrum no matter how hard I tried to squeeze my poor nipples.

The first couple of weeks was tough. Not able to breastfeed worsen my baby blues. I feel so frustrated and guilty because I couldn’t breastfeed my son. And the more encouragement I get from people around me, the worse I felt.

After a few weeks, I resigned to the fact that I just couldn’t produce enough breast milk. The circumstances doesn’t help either. I wasn’t drinking enough water, wasn’t eating enough and I didn’t get the much needed rest.

I was a train wreck.

A month and a half later, after talking to people who couldn’t breastfeed due to unforeseen circumstance, I realized that being a mother is more than breast feeding and I’ve been so hard on myself that I completely neglected the fact that being a mother is also about providing love and care for my son. I did a lousy job in the first month because I was so fixated about breastfeeding I accumulated so much frustration and did not enjoy being a mother.

So I stopped.

And when I stopped squeezing the damn milk out of me, I was able to rest a little bit more, amuse myself with musings on the internet and I fell in love with my son all over again.

I am not by any means discouraging breastfeeding. Some moms had it easy, some has more will power than me to keep trying.

I just couldn’t do it…

I just hope that my formula fed baby will grow up to be a healthy boy.

The arrival of baby Han

Whoah! This update has taken almost a month for completion in between feeding time, diaper change, washing bottles, doing laundry, cooking lunch, dinner …etc etc

It’s been almost a month since little Jorgito’s arrival. And the past 1 month has been a crazy roller coaster ride for me emotionally.

The truth is, there is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for motherhood. And once that reality of having a baby right in front of you hits you, it hits hard and suddenly you are in constant battle with yourself on the decision you have made and you would be constantly questioning if you are ever gonna pull through motherhood.

To backtrack a little bit on the arrival of little Jorgito. 23rd Jan was supposed to be the due date of our baby. On 22nd Jan, I still have not felt any contraction or any signs that I would be going into labor the next 24 hours. Anxious, I went to bed at 3am that day. Despite having a doctors appointment at 8am the next morning.

We slept through our alarm clock. When I was awaken by the bright ray of sunlight that morning, I literally sprung out of bed at a few minutes passed 8am. My hubby suggested that we postponed our checkup but I was adamant to have it done that morning. So we grabbed my hospital bag, called the hospital to postpone the checkup to 9am and rushed to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was ordered to sit in a wheel chair and was wheeled to the labor room. I was then connected to a machine to check baby’s heartbeat and my contraction. My doctor came and performed a cervix checkup. To my dismay, my cervix was still very much closed. The doctor gave us an option to wait for another week or to go for c section on that day.

We choose the latter after a brief discussion. 2 hours later I was in the operating room and little Jorgito came out 15 mins later. Wailing at the top of his lungs, looking oh-so-adorable when the nurses showed him to me at the operating table.


Ever since little’s Jorgito’s arrival, I’ve been in a wind whirl of emotion…

What can I say… I wasn’t prepared at all for motherhood. Despite consciously aware that I was carrying a baby for 9 months, anticipating the arrival of baby with baby showers, shopping for baby stuff etc etc…

The first week or baby’s arrival was a major blow to me. I was frustrated because I didn’t produced enough breast milk (and still didn’t up till today), I was agitated with my c section wound because I couldn’t move and do much, not to mention that I couldn’t adjust to the new addition in our life. I didn’t have enough confident to hold the baby, even though I love him dearly, the constant feeding, waking up every 2 hours and the confinement blues led me to a complete meltdown. I didn’t know how to deal with it other than crying my heart out again and again.

There were moments where I felt like giving up. The change was too much for me to handle…I looked at my son and it hit me that he is a lifetime commitment, from now onwards I will be forever worry about his well being, he would become my priority while the rest of my life and my husband takes a backseat. I wasn’t sure if that was what I could dealt with. But fortunately I have a very patient and supportive husband beside me.

The baby blues wore off after 2 weeks. But I was physically very tired..and I was hit by another wave of emotional roller coaster which turned me into a bitchy monster.

My husband said I was nicer, calmer and sweet when I was pregnant. The more I tried to fight the bitch in me, the bitchier I become. So I took a step back to analyze why was I so bitchy esp towards my husband, the man I love so dearly…

I realize that I was angry… Because our relationship has taken a backseat since little Jorgito’s arrival. I was angry because I still had to lift many fingers doing housework when I was supposed to be resting and recuperating from my operation. I was angry because of my backache, and the joins in my fingers where hurting like mad. I was angry because of my disgustingly looking belly and stretch marks. I was angry because I expect my husband to help me more without me asking…

And a lot of time, I am just angry for the sake of being angry.

It’s almost a month now since little Jorgito’s arrival. I am still adjusting to him, to our new life…Honestly I don’t know how on earth are we going to manage after my maternity leave ends. There are a lot of challengers ahead that’s for sure. From time to time just had to keep reminding myself that I am blessed to have such a beautiful baby and a loving husband. And I have to do whatever it takes to keep us together.

2 more days to go

Or not?!

According to calculation, my little man is due to arrive on 23rd Jan. But as of last Sunday’s visit to the hospital, my cervix is still very much closed and baby is still floating though he is already in head down position.

Baby was 3.1 kg and I still have enough amniotic fluid to support him. The doctor suggest to do another thorough check this Friday and we can then decide if we want to wait or perform c section.

I feel pretty good this week. Maybe because my maternity leave has started and I am more relax at home. My heartburn has subsided tremendously which could only mean that I’m experiencing the ‘lighting’ effect where baby has further dropped to the birth cannel. If this is true then it would be great because I really want to experience natural birth.

My belly is still expending at week 40. And my stretch mark has mushroomed to the side of my belly 🙁
But that’s alright, as long as my baby is healthy nothing else matters.

Gosh! I can’t believe I am gonna be a mom. Never in my life had I imagine this ever happening to me. Many asked me if I am ready… Honestly I am not because being a first time mom, it’s hard for me to anticipate anything. But I can do my best to raise my son based on the life experience that I have and whatever information that is available to me.

So yeah, hopefully everything goes well with the delivery 😀

Hello 2015

2 weeks break is ending tonight, and it’s back to work tomorrow. Monday blues is kicking in. Need to start working on prepping the new Digital Manager and setting work plan and 2015 KPI for the digital team. Hopefully I can get these all done before I go on maternity leave on 20 Jan.

There is much to look forward to for 2015.

My little man is due to arrive on 23 Jan. Growing up, I had a rocky relationship with my parents. I figure that’s because they both comes from a big family and did not inherit a lot of parenting skills from my grandparents. I wasn’t a happy child growing up, which resulted in a void in the relationship department which I so wanted to fill with all the wrong men.

But that said, I am not prepared to spoil my son rotten. There will be no lack of affection for him that’s for sure. But I will also teach him how to earn his keeps, how be a good man, a feminist, a hard worker, an honest and most importantly the law of karma. haha!

I didn’t get to travel much in 2014 due to the pregnancy. There are so many hidden gems to be explored in Thailand itself…not forgetting Japan, Korea, Tibet and Nepal. Many said that once the baby arrive it would be harder to travel. But I really don’t mind traveling with my baby son. Also, we have planned to visit Mexico end of 2015. Fingers crossed for that.

Learning a new language at my age is a killer. I’ve tried to learn Thai by enrolling in a language school, and yet only managed to speak very basic Thai to taxi driver. This year, I’ve made up my mind to learn Spanish. So I can understand what my husband says to my son as well as to have a decent conversation with my mother in law when we visit Mexico 😀

So that’s it! My resolution for 2015. And now, I have to sleep and get ready for first day of work tomorrow.

Good bye 2014

2014 has been a good year for me overall. Just the other day, I was telling hubby how I couldn’t remember any significant event that happened in 2014. Probably due to pregnancy absent-mindedness. But when I scroll through my photo album in my iPhone, actually a lot of things did happened in 2014. So here’s a recap..

– Went to Nakhon Pathom with Hubby for a weekend exploration. Took a minivan from was dropped off the highway in the middle of nowhere but we somehow managed to find our way to a very beautiful temple complex and was blessed by a monk in the cave. That was quite an adventure.

– Went to Hua Hin with Hubby for a weekend getaway. Had a good time there exploring the little town. And had lobster for the first time 😀

– On our way back from Hua Hin, we stopped at a boat noodle shop near Victory Monument. It was ok, not sure why people are raving about the boat noodles. Maybe its the fun of piling up 10+ empty bowls of noodles for Instagram.

– Went to Samut Songkram for team building. Fell sick and had fever during the trip. Felt so bad for missing out the workshop.

– Opened Sabroso Town in Town, Tree Square. So excited for hubby!

– Accompanied Hubby to KL and indulged in roti and teh tarik. Bliss…

– Went to Kota Kinabalu for iMedia Summit, met up with my best friend and colleagues from Malaysia and Indonesia.

– Went to Chengdu, Jiuzaigou for FAM trip. Took China Air and flew over mountain of snow. Never seen anything so beautiful like this before.

– Went to Singapore for FB Digital Conference.

– 2nd team building in Pattaya.

– Found out I was 2 months pregnant after 2 home pregnancy test, got all the jitters and didn’t know what to do…But had my heart melted after seeing the little man on sonogram. And we decided to get married and be good parents to little Jorgito.

– Participated in Chilli cook off during America’s Independence day with Hubby and won 2nd price for People’s choice award. So proud of hubby!

– Went back to Malaysia to collect my single status of declaration and met up with my best friend and had Indian feast in my favorite restaurant.

– Made Nasi lemak for the first time haha

Went to Hong Kong with hubby.

– mmm… nothing significant happened.

– Had a simple but meaningful wedding dinner at Sabroso. Attended by our close friends and family members.

– After months of running around Bangkok between Malaysia & Mexican Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand, We managed to register our marriage.

– Sabroso move out of Tree Square at the end of Oct. Was a sad day but also relieved that we will be able to move on and start something new in a better location.

– Went back to Batu Pahat with Hubby to attend my brother’s wedding.

– Had baby shower for my little Jorgito with our friends in KL

– Found a Indonesian restaurant at Sukhumvit and fell in love with the Nasi Ayam Bakar and sirap ice. Gosh I missed Indonesian food!

– Started Sabroso in Sukhumvit 23

– Very heavily pregnant with little Jorgiro at week 37.

So, 2014 wasn’t that bad after all 🙂

33 weeks pregnancy update

33 weeks pregnant
33 weeks pregnant

Another 7 weeks to go before Jorgito’s arrival and boy are we excited! We have got almost all the baby stuff ready, except for a stroller and his bath tub. (I think…)

At this point, baby is moving all time time, very rapidly. I can feel his little foot and his little hand, I can feel him tossing and turning. Sometimes, it can hurt. Most of the time, it’s just plain cute. And I am just so grateful that he is developing normally. He is now 2.3KG and his heartbeat is normal. The doctor said that by the time he is ready to be born, he should be at 3kg, which is not too big a baby to be born naturally.

I’ve also started packing my hospital bag. After hearing the tales of my colleagues giving birth at 32 weeks and 34 weeks respectively. It kinda freak me out a bit…But I have a feeling that Jorgito is gonna be a full term baby, enjoying his time in my womb till week 40. My husband is a bit panicky because we don’t drive and he worries if my water broke in the middle of the night and if we couldn’t get a taxi to send us to the hospital.

So far, I have not had any spotting nor contractions. But it’s getting harder to have a good night sleep these days…My heartburn is getting worst…Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night while a foul stench of stomach acid in my mouth and nostril.

Other than that, I am easily agitated nowadays. Especially with with people who talk too much, who talks too loud, who ask too many stupid questions and who give too much opinion about whether or not I will observe the 30 days confinement after Jorgito is born.

So yeah, that’s all for now. Till next time, adios!