2 more days to go

Or not?!

According to calculation, my little man is due to arrive on 23rd Jan. But as of last Sunday’s visit to the hospital, my cervix is still very much closed and baby is still floating though he is already in head down position.

Baby was 3.1 kg and I still have enough amniotic fluid to support him. The doctor suggest to do another thorough check this Friday and we can then decide if we want to wait or perform c section.

I feel pretty good this week. Maybe because my maternity leave has started and I am more relax at home. My heartburn has subsided tremendously which could only mean that I’m experiencing the ‘lighting’ effect where baby has further dropped to the birth cannel. If this is true then it would be great because I really want to experience natural birth.

My belly is still expending at week 40. And my stretch mark has mushroomed to the side of my belly 🙁
But that’s alright, as long as my baby is healthy nothing else matters.

Gosh! I can’t believe I am gonna be a mom. Never in my life had I imagine this ever happening to me. Many asked me if I am ready… Honestly I am not because being a first time mom, it’s hard for me to anticipate anything. But I can do my best to raise my son based on the life experience that I have and whatever information that is available to me.

So yeah, hopefully everything goes well with the delivery 😀

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