A commitment partnership in a relationship

I used to believe that when 2 person love each other, it will be all rosy and the relationship will last till the end of time. And it took me many heart break later to find out that the feeling of love, is just…a feeling of love. While the giddy feeling in our stomach sent us to cloud nine and back, it could only last for as long as we are willing to stay blind to each other’s differences.

We are at our 9th month in our relationship. Our friends often commented that we are two love birds on our 1st year honeymoon. I often wonder what they meant or hope to see after our 1st year anniversary? Do they expect us to fall in the mundane state of how normal couple would be? Do they expect us to love each other less after our 1st year?

From the very beginning of our relationship, we made a conscious decision to be each other’s partner. To help and support each other at all cost, at all times. I think this is the most fundamental of a relationship. To have the realisation that the fuzzy feeling from the physical attraction will fade away with time; that we will have our moments… we will be stubborn, selfish, unmotivated, and a time where all our unattractiveness surfaces. When this happens, love alone is not enough to shoulder it all because love is not rational.

Love is not what makes us stand by each other when the world takes whatever that is left of us and leave us penniless. Love is not what makes us hug each other and apologise when we stubbornly want to prove our point of view. Love is not what makes us decide to forgive when we are hurt by the spiteful words we utter. Love is not what makes us stay committed to each other when there is someone more beautiful and powerful who offer to take us for a joy ride.

Commitment to a partnership is.

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  1. Hi, i read ur blog many years ago. And i am glad to hv stumble upon ur blog again. Happy to know that u r in a new relationship now.

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