A misinterpreted infidelity

What would you do, if your boy friend who was supposed to be back from work at 3am sent you a text saying that he will be putting up a night at his American friend’s (which you didn’t think he exist) before his phone went off?

If it’s not for the next sms reassuring that his love has not swayed, I would have throw his things out of the apartment. Infidelity to me, is not to be forgiven.

He finally came home, 2pm the following day. With a liquor breath and a weird kinda adventure.

Apparently, an American navy with a very sick wife of Thai national came into a bar for a drink till wee hours in the morning. After the bar closes, he couldn’t get his car to start and my boy friend had to help him because he was drunk and there were some hyena-like Indian hooligans hanging around outside the bar. When he finally get the car to start, he drove the American from Bangsar South to somewhere around Ikea without a license!

I couldn’t decide if I should be relieved or angry after I hear the story. Relieved because he finally came home and that he had such a raw, pure heart.
Angry because he is so trusting and helpful to someone that he barely knew, and that he left me out of this bizarre adventure!

Trust more and have fun with the ones you love.
Have a great week ahead.

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