Almost ROM

Last Saturday was another roller coaster ride in our quest to register our marriage in Thailand. After a failed attempt to register at the District office near Don Mueng airport, we (including my parents and my 2 Thai colleague who were our witness, rushed to Bang Rak district office as advised by the officers at Don Mueng District Office.

To our dismay, my fiance’s document wasn’t complete. After 2 months, when we thought we had all the documents ready, when we had our friends and family flew in to witness our ROM, a planned wedding dinner, we still didn’t managed to register due to incompetency of the Mexican Embassy.

At that moment, I broke down. There were just too much pressure… I have a registration deadline to comply with in regards to my single status statutory document and we have to legalize our marriage certification before the baby is born to be able to register him as a Malaysian and my fiancĂ© as his father on his birth certificate.

Anyway, the show had to go on. We went ahead with our wedding dinner which we had planned a couple of week earlier and had our close friends, colleagues and family witness our ring exchange.

And today, we finally got all the documents that we need and we’ll try to register our marriage this Thursday.

Fingers crossed…

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