9 week pregnant

Officially in the 9th week today. Baby is about 1 inch long, the size of a grape and weight a fraction of an ounce 😀

Still no morning sickness, and I’ve started eating healthy. Cut down on carbo and processed sugar, which makes me feels much lighter now. One thing that bugs me though, is that I get very bad flu during the night. My nose feels itchy, runny and cold which is extremely uncomfortable…Yesterday I’ve also experience severe shoulder ache, so painful that I had trouble sleeping. Urgh…A sign that I’ve not been exercising and clock in too much time on my laptop, iPhone and iPad.

It’s been 3 weeks now that my parents knew about my pregnancy. And every Sunday that I called, never did they ask about the baby. Their only concern is when are we going to get register for marriage. I guess they are still very conservative to think that getting pregnant without a husband is a culturally and socially unacceptable.

Do I blame them? I don’t. I just want to concentrate on eating and living healthy for my little Jorgito.

And speaking of registration of marriage. It’s such a tedious process. Here’s the step by step guide that I managed to google out of from forum:

Step by step: How to get married in Thailand
1. Bring along your original passport, copy of your wife/husband passport and money to JPN in PutraJaya.

2. Tell them that you want to make statutory declaration to get marry in Thailand.

3. They will give you a form to fill up on the spot. After fill up return to them. 

4. Need to check with them how long you need to wait for the declaration. Some need to wait only 1 day 
and some need to wait 1 week. 

5. After received the declaration, go to Ministry foreign Affair in PutraJaya to certified. They will show you where to go. You can also take bus. The station just opposite JPN.They have bus to go from JPN to MFA.

6.Once you reach there, the guard will show you which counter. You need to paid after they certified your 

7. Done. That’s it after MFA. Then you can bring the declaration back to Thailand to Malaysia Embassy to 
translate because need the Embassy stamp on it too. 

8.After they translate, they will ask you bring the document to MFA of Thailand to certified again. Need to
paid too.

9. After certified, you can bring the document to Ampur nearby where you stay and begin register of your marriage.

Fingers crossed.

Weight gain and feeling bloated

Although hunger strikes every two hours, I find that food are harder to digest this week. My tummy is so bloated I had a hard time buttoning my jeans. Even my short pants that were once loose fitted feels tighter now.

I was feeling quite low today so while waiting for Jorge on our Indian food date I decided to go on a shopping spree at Terminal 21. Bad idea! Extra-small-only-em-skinny-Thais-can-fit-dresses everywhere! I felt like a giant 🙁

Just so I was about to give up and make my way to Baskin Robbins, I saw Promod and that literally perked me up. So I went into a rampant and purchased a whole bunch of UK size 12 pants, tops, skirts and a jacket. And that made me felt even worst.

UK size 12! Jesus! I wanted to cave in and cry.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later, I stumbled upon this diet called the Paleo Diet. Basically, Paleo Diet is to eliminates grains, sugar and processed foods from your diet. I did some further research and found out that it is actually quite safe for pregnant women with some minor adjustments. Now that got me all pumped up! The idea is not to lose weight during pregnancy but eat healthy for me and the baby. Because honestly, I don’t want to put on another 20KG and being able to lose all that weight after delivery.

So today, I started my day with cereal, nuts and soy milk for breakfast.

And scramble eggs with tomatoes and cheese.

I tried to eat small meals every 2 hours and snack on baby carrots, nuts and raisins.

Lets see if this works.

The reveal

Today I finally mustered all my courage and told my manager about my pregnancy. I don’t know why but I tend to feel that employers are not really fond of pregnant employees. Though pregnancy is not a illness but I’ve witnessed too many people using pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy and underperformed at work. Perhaps what’s adding so much stress is that I’m afraid that is what others would make of me.

Even though I’ve slowed down and try not react too fast and getting all worked up before counting down to 10, I’m pretty sure I will probably be working until the day I go into labour.

Anyway, almost into week 8 and there are still no sign of morning sickness. Yay for that! Also, no sign of baby bump, just excessive fat around my tummy due to excessive binging. Apart from extreme fatigue and soreness around my nipple and breast, I’m also experiencing runny nose and non stop sneezing especially at night. Which is quite common I read.

I think in another couple of weeks more people will find out about my pregnancy. Colleagues in Malaysia and my relatives…Which I really dread. I don’t like to be in the limelight and I certainly don’t like to be told what I should do and should not do. Sometimes I wished that I can retreat into a cave and stay there as long as I can.

Anyway, little Jorgito (as we fondly called him/her) is a size of a kidney bean now.

So proud of my baby 🙂

7 week pregnant

I weight myself this morning and I’ve gained 1kg. I’m also starting to feel heavy with a minor back pain this morning. The consolation is that the baby’s little arms and legs will start forming this week. So whatever uncomfort is so so worth it.

I am also feeling extreme fatigue these days. My legs are weak and I couldn’t stand on my feet for long period of time. Toilet visits are more frequent too. Not to mention I feel hungry throughout the day. Which reminds me… I have to start buying healthy snacks to snack on.

A handful of my close friends already knows about my pregnancy. In shock they were for this unexpected bundle of joy haha! I mean who wouldn’t? Someone my age would have been cautious about birth control especially when I still don’t have a ring on my finger. But that’s just me…I knew I should have taken the pill but something in me just wanted to go with the flow. Maybe I was feeling adventurous, a little rebellious even.

Despite the emotional roller coaster in the first few weeks of revelation, I have not regretted my decision one bit. There is no other candidate more suitable than Jorge to father this child. This baby is going to be so lucky.

6 week pregnant

6 weeks into pregnancy and I am so glad that I’ve not experience a full blown pregnancy syndrome.

No nausea or vomiting in the morning, just slight nausea in the evening. I do feel hungry when I wake up in the morning and at 12noon. Other than that, I feel kinda weak and when evening comes I feel as though I’ve ran 10km and I just want to crash into a deep slumber. not to mentioned I’ve also been very moody and hot tempered.

This week, I think I should be able to calm myself more since the cat is already out of the bag (to our family at least) and the fact that we would be registering for marriage (soon).

For the past 2 weeks, I weren’t able to come clean to anyone who made passing comments on how pale and sick I looked. I wasn’t able to tell them the truth but today, I finally admited to a colleague. It was such a relief and her expression was priceless! haha…

At the 6th week, my baby is ¼ inch long resembling a lentil bean. There is already a heartbeat at 120 beats per minute. Baby is going through visible changes where ears, mouth, nose, lungs, intestines, liver, and pancreas are starting to form. So are the arms and legs, which should begin to start protruding.

The more I read about the baby’s developmemt on a week by week basis, the more I feel love towards this little being inside me. The feeling is trully amazing…

I can’t wait to find out if the baby is going to be May Citlalli Bernal Chan or Han Quetzalcoatl Bernal Chan 🙂

A baby on the way


After 3 weeks of anxiety, 2 home
pregnancy test and a visit to the hospital yesterday, it was finally confirmed that we are 6 weeks pregnant.

Just barely 4 millimeter in size, we saw the yolk sac, saw and heard the heartbeat through the ultra sound monitor. The heartbeat was 120 beat per minute!

It took me a while to accept that I am carrying a life in me. Under the normal circumstances of a married couple who is expecting a child, it would be a totally different story. But there I was, more afraid than excited. I wasn’t prepared to tell my parents, I wasn’t prepared financially and emotionally. And now I had to abandon my diet plan to lose 10kg.

This morning, we finally told our family. And can now breathe a sigh of relief and do our best to bring this little being to life on Jan 21, 2015.

A new chapter has begun.

Sabroso Mexican Tapas & Bar

Last Saturday was the restaurant’s soft opening. So happy to have our friends around and seeing local Thais appreciating authentic Mexican food.

Life is good and I have lots to be thankful for 🙂

Address: TREE SQUARE, Town in Town, Inthra Phon Rd., Bangkok, Thailand 10310
Phone: 02 935 6800

Connect with us at:

When the sun goes down in Pattaya


Half past 3pm.
Got up, freshen up.
It’s time to make a living,
when the sun goes down.

A very tight off-shoulder pink blouse,
A mini distressed jeans,
Cellulite-free butt cheeks come out to play,
And a 4 inch silver coloured heels,
To score any men I fancy.

I let the Johns hold me.
Grab me wherever they fancy.
As long as they keep buying drinks.

Do not look at me with those pitiful eyes.
I do not comprehend your world to mine.

For this, is how I stay alive.

>> Nakhon Pathom >>

“Why oh why did I choose to come to Nakhon Pathom?”

That was what flashes through my mind when the minivan announced our arrival and asked us to get off out on the main road heading towards Kanchanaburi.


I almost went into panic mode, then I saw a farang and I breathe a sense of relief (auto reflex, don’t ask me why). Then I managed to calm down even more when I saw Big C on the opposite site or the road, as I remember reading an article about catching a bus from Big C back to Bangkok from Nakhon Pathom. Suddenly, must have been a KM or two from where we were standing, a familiar sight came into view. It was Phra Phatim Chedi…


There weren’t any tuk tuk nor songtheaw so we decided to continue walking towards the direction of the Chedi.

We walked passed a Suzuki carnival, then miraculously ended up in a farmer’s market.


We continued walking…and jumped for joy when we saw this road sign.


Finally! After walking for about 40 minutes, we finally reached our destination!


Phra Phatom Chedi definitely did not disappoint us. The stupa was magnificent!


Wat Phra Pathom Chedi (Holly Stupa) definitely did not disappoint us. It is said that the stupa is the tallest in the world and stood 127 meters in height. A quick check on wikipedia said that the stupa was first mentioned in Buddhist scriptures in year 675 but archaeological findings dated back to the 4th century.

In the 11th century, the stupa was overbuilt with a Khmer style prang and later overgrown by the jungle. King Mongkut (King Rama VI) during his time as a monk visited the stupa several times and ordered the building of a more magnificent chedi a the site which was completed after 17 years of construction in 1870 and became the royal temple of the King.

The temple complex has a calming effect. Monks of all ages were spotted around the temple complex. There is also a cave at the temple ground which houses several Buddha status. We went into the cave and was blessed by an elderly monk ^^

After spending about 30 minutes in Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, we walked back to Big C and took a minivan home (THB80).

What an experience 🙂

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More on Wat Phra Pathom:

Oh my Bangkok


The political situation in Thailand is a timed bomb.

It’s into the 8th day of #bangkokshutdown. As the 2nd February election is drawing near, more and more casualties are being reported in the evening. Ambulance sirens and explosions are of daily affairs now. Another casualty reported on twitter, another suspect captured.

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Majority of us still have to go to work to put food on the table.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s best to avoid protest sites (don’t be fooled by the carnival-like atmosphere), reserve your political comments to yourself and stay safe.

Don’t be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

>> Kanchanaburi >>

I vaguely knew about Kanchanaburi.

All I know is that it’s famous for the Tiger temple that people raved about so much, with close up photos of the tigers in front and beside them in a sleepy, lazy position that defies the true nature of a tiger.

Whether the tigers has been drugged, too well fed or as some might claimed…vegetarian (as to being raised by temple monks), I really don’t know.

Anyway, the reason why I chose Kanchanaburi for a short weekend getaway was simply because of its close vicinity to Bangkok, which is approximately a short 2 hours drive.

We begin our journey after I finished work on Friday. I figure that if we travel by night we could have an early start the next day to roam around Kanchanaburi.

To get to Kanchanaburi, one can either take a minivan from Victoria monument or a bus from The Southern bus terminal.

The Southern Bus Terminal Is located at a remote aread in Northern Thonburi and serves Western Thailand (including Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi) and Southern Thailand (including Krabi, Phuket, Surat Thani, Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, Hat Yai, and many others)is far from Bangkok city. .

Getting to the terminal is a bit of headache. We took the BTS to On Nut and took a metered taxi to the bus terminal. In all it took us close to an hour from Bangkok City. We arrived at about 8pm and searched frantically for the ticket counter to Kanchanaburi, only to be asked to go straight to Platform 10 by a cardboard sign at the counter.

We got to platform 10 and paid THB110/person. A local bus, nothing fancy. But cheap, fast and efficient. Which is why we very much prefer to travel by bus.

We reached Kanchanaburi bus station about 11pm. The weather was chilly and the town was already in a sleepy mode. We paid the songthaew THB80 to take us to Tara Raft Guest house – Almost triple the normal rate but I guess beggars can’t be choosers…

Tara Raft Guest House
I am not a fan of Raft or staying anywhere near the river. Call me paranoid because I have little tolerance towards the stench from human waste that goes into the river. But Tara Raft surprises me! The rooms were compact yet comfy! With wooden flooring, very thick and soft mattress, flat screen TV and friendly English speaking staff. I have nothing to complaint… well except the smell from the toilet due to the piping. But that’s tolerable 🙂

There is much to do in Kanchanaburi with plenty of Tour packages that can be arranged from any hotel or guess house. Some of the highlights include the Erawan falls, Elephant trekking, National parks, and a walk down memory lane to World War II along the infamous Deadth Railway.

I wanted to see Kanchanaburi at our own pace so we rented a bicycle for THB50 (each). Went to the War Museum for some history lesson, visited the war cemetery (Which was the final resting place of almost 7,000 POW’s who lost their lives during the construction of the “Death Railway”.), almost shed a tear or two looking at the inscription on the tomb stone, and cycled all the way to River Kwai where the Death Railway is under the hot blazing sun.

In all, it was great experience and I am glad that we spent our time to learn about the war, the struggle and hardship of the prisoners of war in Kanchanaburi.

Definitely warrants a second visit soon.

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More info:
Tara Floating Raft Kanchanaburi
15/1 Soi Rong-Heep-Aoi Ban Nua Kanchanaburi 71000 Thailand
E-mail : tararoom@live.com
Contact : +66(0)86-3967349 , +66(0)81-8563587 fax +66(0)34-512542
Website: http://www.tararoom.com/raft.html

Cili padi restaurant review

There is no shortage of good and ridiculously cheap food in Bangkok. Being a creature of habit, I’m quite contended with my street food, the little Thai restaurant at the corner of my apartment and the abundance of Japanese ramen and bento.

Two months have passed and I have not been missing Malaysian food (At all). There is a reason why the Thais think that Thai food is the best in the world. And I am about to argue with that.

It was Saturday and we were in our explorer mood. So we decided to check out this halal Malaysian restaurant (that had a huge following among the Malaysian community here and back home) in Silom called Cilipadi.

The restaurant was not easy to find. After getting out from Chongnosi BTS, we finally found the restaurant. Tugged in the middle of no where.

Cili Padi restaurant

I didn’t expect to see Malaysians working at the restaurant but all the waiters and the cooks that worked on that day were Malaysian. But my joy was short lived. Instead of welcoming us, the only customer in the restaurant, they made us feel as though we have spoiled their perfect late afternoon lazing around doing nothing. They looked like they were dragging their feed to serve us and it was so hard to finally get 2 of them to smile when we complimented the food.

Clippings from the restaurant. Heavily promoted in Malaysia.

I feel so ashamed at the level of service provided by fellow Malaysian. Unwelcoming, unfriendly and not engaging at all. Whatever happen to Malaysian Hospitality? Or that only happens in Malaysia Airlines flight?

Well, I guess I’ll stick to Kopitiam at Central Ladprao whenever I feel like having Malaysian food.

PS: No address, coz it’s not worth the trouble to get there and the level of bad service on has to endure.

On being single or not

The past couple of days have been emotionally draining.

We couldn’t get by an hour without getting on each other’s nerves. It was as though the stars were not aligned anymore.

I plunged 6 feet under a depression pit.

Frankly, I have not felt this mellow for a while. That kind that warrants nothing but a thick fog of negativity, which consumed my being and an almost successful attempt in erasing the good that we have built for the past one year.

There was a moment where I want to end it all. To go back to where I am most familiar.

Being single.

Singlehood flashes me by that day. A reminder of how wonderful it is to have conversation with the voices in my head, which is all accepting and tolerant with my choice of words and actions. I could live my life based on a predefined timetable like I used to and be as fickle minded as I want and I don’t have to be responsible for you as I do to myself.

It would be easy to walk away. Like how I’ve trained myself to do in any circumstances. No attachment, no regret.

But instead, I blinked the flashback away and told you I was sorry.

I am sorry to have lived in a world that revolves around me. And I am sorry for being insensitive to your feelings and denied your right to be uniquely you.

And I would never ever want to be sorry for not giving us a chance to be the best that we can be, as individual as well as each other’s partner in this relationship.

The end and the beginning of a new chapter

“If you had the choice to do it all over again, will you still join YTL?” She asked.

I thought about all the missed opportunity of exploring new countries, the perks of flying to whichever city I fancy for a weekend getaway, the glory of being part of a company envied by many. Albeit how tired I was to have to deal with the constant drama and emotional roller coaster.

Then, I thought about what I have unlearned and relearned in YTL. The 2 year stint was really a retreat. I became more zen, less arrogant, more humble, and less hard on myself. Albeit not having accomplished as much as I’d like to by my standard.

I looked at her.”Yes.” I said. “If I had the choice to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.”

Regrets are for those who feels bad about a certain decision that they have made in their life. Instead of owning up and find a way to solve it, decide to live with constant questioning of ‘what if’.

Call me an optimist, for I have chosen not to have regrets in my life.

And now this chapter has come to an end. And a new one is to be written!

Thank you my friends, for making my journey in YTL a great one.