baby at 4 months

Baby Han is 4 months old now! How time flies! He is measuring at 64 cm tall and weight 8.8kg. He is considered a big baby for his age. But as long as he is growing healthily, I have nothing to complain and worry about 🙂

At 4 months, he can now recognize faces and loves flashing us his big smile whenever he wakes up from his sleep and during play time. He can also hold his own water bottle and loves to drink water. Perhaps its refreshing and taste different from his milk. He is also practicing his hand movements and understand that he has control over his little hands. Its a funny sight to see when he pushes his bottles away with his hands when he actually wanted to drink his milk.


He couldn’t crawl yet but he likes to stand on his 2 feet. Of cause we don’t put weight on this feet when we carry him while letting his feed touch the ground.
He also loves to sit up instead of laying down nowadays. And watching TV has become his favorite thing to do instead of browsing through his books. Maybe I just need to be more animated when I read him his storybook.

It’s such a blessing to have him in our lives 😀

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