Being Malaysian

6th day into March and the clock is ticking.

I am agitated.
I am restless.

Above all, I feel powerless.

Powerless for the things that I do not have control.
Powerless because I am not able to kick some ass and demand things to be done ‘now’, although that’s exactly what I can do.

The date is 10th March.

My boyfriend has to depart Malaysia because his application form for his work permit has not been submitted. It has been sitting on someone’s desk for over a month and the officer from Immigration Department of Malaysia; whom probably had a bad day therefore decided to be mean and not grant him visa extension for his work permit application.

On top of that. Despite telling the officer that his next destination would be Bangkok,Thailand, the officer stupidly state that his next destination would be MEXICO! Could the officer be anymore retarded in comprehending?

I am agitated.
I am restless.

I am racking my brain.

I am squeezing myself thin for an ounce of positivity. Clearly, the saying that ‘When a door closes, another one opens’ doesn’t present itself well at this moment. And yet, despite the drama queen that I am, I have to stay calm and not add any unwanted stress to the already stressful situation.

This is so unfair. When people are being pushed around, rights being violated when they have done nothing wrong but adding value to the society. While the law protect and gives priority to those so-called Bumiputera and turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants under the carpet to give a false impression of a beautifully well managed country.

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