Blood and urine test results

The last time I had my blood tested for HIV was when I was 19. So you can imagine how terrified I was when the doctor told me that it was compulsory for a blood test to ensure that I am free of HIV and other possible transmitted disease through the blood stream to the baby.

I was emotionally vulnerable in my 20s, confused and did a lot of things that I wasn’t proud of. I also didn’t think that I’ll ever meet my soul mate let alone have children of my own. You see, I was prepared to stay single for the rest it my life. So I guess it was easier to not think about the possibility of contracting any sexually transmitted disease. After all, what you don’t know can not hurt you.

That’s what I thought.

After having tubes of blood extracted from my veins for lab test, I realized what a fool I have been for not getting tested earlier. A fool for possibly putting a unborn child in danger.

That week of waiting was agonizing. It even crossed my mind to terminate the pregnancy if by any chance my blood wasn’t clean and if there isn’t any vaccine available for my unborn child…

The day finally came for me to collect my blood and urine test result…Waiting for my name to be called into the doctor’s office was excruciating.

Then my name was called.

In the doctor’s office, he asked what brought me to the hospital since my next appointment wasn’t due till 21 July. After I told him that I wanted to collect my blood and urine test result, he opened my file and said: ‘Your results are normal.’ Before explaining to me that I’m HIV negative, free from hepatitis and no transmitted disease detected in my blood and urine sample.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so happy that I almost jump off my seat!

This has truly been a miracle. Thank you, whoever that is watching over me 🙂

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