Blood test result

We finally got my blood test result yesterday for down syndrome screening for little Jorgito.

The result came back negative.

Gosh, that must have been the most agonising 2 weeks wait. But I am happy and glad that little Jorgito is fine and healthy.

At week 21, my baby bump started ballooning last week and is now getting bigger and bigger. Little Jorgito should be 10 inches in length by now. I can also feel him more frequent nowadays, even at work, I could feel him kick. My favourite moment with him is around evening time and when I wake up in the morning, while humming his favourite ‘Elmo song’.

This week, he is also more accustom to his father’s touch. Usually when Jorge place his hand on my belly, little Jorgito would become very still. But with constant coaxing, he seems to not mind his father’s touch anymore.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve grown a shoe size up. My feet are swollen now due to water retention. I’ve also becoming less energetic these days. So sleepy all the time i wished there is a nap room in the office.


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