I met a fortune teller

fortune telling

Fortune telling is something that is often frowned upon and it’s considered superstitious.

Many years ago, I knew of a former colleague who is extremely superstitious. She would seek advice from medium and fortune teller for certain decisions in her life. Several close friends has followed her foot steps but me. I’ve refrain myself to do so because I believed in no one but myself, that 40 years of living has thought me that as long as I can dream it, I can do it.

However, certain events lately has clouded my judgement. Without hesitation, I took the chance, FB messaged one of my close friend and asked him to book a slot with the fortune teller. 2 days after that I was on the flight back to Malaysia.
I would not go into detail of my reading. All I can say is that it definitely open up my eyes in to a past events, why certain things happened the way it did and what I can do to prevent certain unfavorable things to happen. The fortune telling method was based on based on birth date namely 八字(Eight Words),紫微斗数 .

Some may argue that we are the master of our fate. I still think we are. But like driving, some times we need ‘Waze’ to guide us to our destination. The same can be said about fortune telling. We can try to navigate our life blindly with no-quit attitude. We might get there, but we would also have made several wrong turns, met several unfortunate events or people along the way.

It’s also not my place to convince anyone to see a fortune teller. But if you do decide to do, make sure you are aware of the following.

1. You need to be mentally strong and prepared.
If you are the desperate for an answer, it would be best to not seek advice from a fortune teller. You need to weight all your options and have a clear mind on what you desire before you seek for an answer. This is because a weak mind can be easily influenced, and if the outcome is not what you expected, it will make matters worst.

2. It can ruin existing relationship if not careful.
There are two type of people in everyone’s life. One is the villain and the other one is the benefactor. In fortune telling, the master will tell you which zodiac or whom in your life that is the villain or the benefactor. Sometimes, it can be pretty dreadful to find out that the villain could be someone you are close to. If not careful, this can ruin relationship, and it might also cause you be to skeptical towards people and their agenda.
In life, we need to understand that human is a complicated being. We are like fluid, we are not constant, we change due to circumstances. And we have to accept that people will be driven to their personal agenda. No mater what, however small or big that agenda is.

3. Do not dwell too much in to what was said about the future.
This is the toughest to do. Once you heard what has been spoken, it quite hard to unheard what was said. Be it a good reading or a bad reading. Know that you are still in control of your future. If you want good fortune, you have to work hard for it because its not going to simply fall on your lap. Simple as that.

4. Know that you are still the master of your fate.
As I said earlier, fortune teller is like ‘Waze’ and can only be served as a guide. At the end of the day, it still has to depend on you, the driver who drives the car. You still have the power to control your destiny, the path you choose to take.

Good bye 2014

2014 has been a good year for me overall. Just the other day, I was telling hubby how I couldn’t remember any significant event that happened in 2014. Probably due to pregnancy absent-mindedness. But when I scroll through my photo album in my iPhone, actually a lot of things did happened in 2014. So here’s a recap..

– Went to Nakhon Pathom with Hubby for a weekend exploration. Took a minivan from was dropped off the highway in the middle of nowhere but we somehow managed to find our way to a very beautiful temple complex and was blessed by a monk in the cave. That was quite an adventure.

– Went to Hua Hin with Hubby for a weekend getaway. Had a good time there exploring the little town. And had lobster for the first time 😀

– On our way back from Hua Hin, we stopped at a boat noodle shop near Victory Monument. It was ok, not sure why people are raving about the boat noodles. Maybe its the fun of piling up 10+ empty bowls of noodles for Instagram.

– Went to Samut Songkram for team building. Fell sick and had fever during the trip. Felt so bad for missing out the workshop.

– Opened Sabroso Town in Town, Tree Square. So excited for hubby!

– Accompanied Hubby to KL and indulged in roti and teh tarik. Bliss…

– Went to Kota Kinabalu for iMedia Summit, met up with my best friend and colleagues from Malaysia and Indonesia.

– Went to Chengdu, Jiuzaigou for FAM trip. Took China Air and flew over mountain of snow. Never seen anything so beautiful like this before.

– Went to Singapore for FB Digital Conference.

– 2nd team building in Pattaya.

– Found out I was 2 months pregnant after 2 home pregnancy test, got all the jitters and didn’t know what to do…But had my heart melted after seeing the little man on sonogram. And we decided to get married and be good parents to little Jorgito.

– Participated in Chilli cook off during America’s Independence day with Hubby and won 2nd price for People’s choice award. So proud of hubby!

– Went back to Malaysia to collect my single status of declaration and met up with my best friend and had Indian feast in my favorite restaurant.

– Made Nasi lemak for the first time haha

Went to Hong Kong with hubby.

– mmm… nothing significant happened.

– Had a simple but meaningful wedding dinner at Sabroso. Attended by our close friends and family members.

– After months of running around Bangkok between Malaysia & Mexican Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand, We managed to register our marriage.

– Sabroso move out of Tree Square at the end of Oct. Was a sad day but also relieved that we will be able to move on and start something new in a better location.

– Went back to Batu Pahat with Hubby to attend my brother’s wedding.

– Had baby shower for my little Jorgito with our friends in KL

– Found a Indonesian restaurant at Sukhumvit and fell in love with the Nasi Ayam Bakar and sirap ice. Gosh I missed Indonesian food!

– Started Sabroso in Sukhumvit 23

– Very heavily pregnant with little Jorgiro at week 37.

So, 2014 wasn’t that bad after all 🙂

Oh my Bangkok


The political situation in Thailand is a timed bomb.

It’s into the 8th day of #bangkokshutdown. As the 2nd February election is drawing near, more and more casualties are being reported in the evening. Ambulance sirens and explosions are of daily affairs now. Another casualty reported on twitter, another suspect captured.

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Majority of us still have to go to work to put food on the table.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s best to avoid protest sites (don’t be fooled by the carnival-like atmosphere), reserve your political comments to yourself and stay safe.

Don’t be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Life is ever changing, never constant

It was at the break of dawn, in our new apartment in Bangkok that I felt a pang of sadness in my heart. Knowing that a week from now I will be 750 miles away from home.

For the first time in many years, I was afraid and I started to cry.

I fear that I would be walking into a series of events that I so very much wanted no part of. I fear that I wasn’t enough and I fear I have lost the will to be positive and kind. But strangely, for every tear I cry, my fear subside. I begin to see a flicker of hope and with all the willpower that I can muster, I told myself that I will be better than I was yesterday. I will handle all the obstacles with patience and with an objective mind. To continue to learn and unlearn life experiences.

As I dried my tears, I come to accept that it is ok to feel insecure, inadequate, negative and jealous of people who seems so put together. Because it is this realisation of all my imperfection that drives me into my positive light which I’ve long forgotten of its existence.

With that, I finally confronted my own demon. I came to the realisation that I was actually afraid to relocate to Bangkok. I operated on auto pilot, without basking into the excitement that I am relocating to one of my favorite city, to be working with my favorite brand with my soulmate by my side because I was afraid to ask the very question “If I really want to do this, to relocate to a foreign country, to be part of a community and culture that is different from mine”.

And the answer now is Yes.

I don’t believe that life is made up of random acts of events.
The encounter with the rich and powerful family who believe that money can buy happiness except their own, the young ones in their 20s with such driven passion to succeed (who somehow made me feel like my life is going downhill), the mother who has given up her femininity after the birth of her child, acquaintances who overcome adversity and become best friends for life, people who whines about everything and sees only negativity in every event in their lives and a man who accept me for who I am and has guided me to ignite my positive vibe that was at the brink of death.

Non of these are coincidental. It happened for a reason to serve me. I feel whole again because I am accepting my vulnerability as being human. And to realise that life is constantly changing and it can be the best if we just open our mind and heart to be both the teacher and the student.

Goodbyes are not forever

It doesn’t come as a surprise for someone like me to find social gathering an awkward affair.

I am an introvert. Social gatherings are dreadful because people drains my energy. I find small talks or gossip over trivial matters a waste of time and I constantly need to have my own space to explore my thoughts and feelings. Which explains why I don’t usually invite guests to my home.

So, when Ms. C, my BFF (who is also my boss) suggested a farewell party, I couldn’t help but cringe. And I almost had a panic attack when there was a water shortage at Ms.C’s and I had to volunteer to have the party at my tiny, messy apartment last Saturday. If it wasn’t for my boyfriend who took on the cooking like a champ so that I can clean up the apartment, I would have pull the plug and cancel the event.

I invited our common friends from agency days and a few colleagues from work. A few did not turn up, which is fine. Because those whom I really missed showed up and that’s more than enough for me 🙂

We cooked up a Mexican feast from 11am with our tiny hot plate. And was still cooking when our friends arrived at 7pm 😀


On the table: Pozole, chicken tinga tostadas, potatoes with Chorizo, refried beans, corn on the cob (Mexican style), enchiladas potosinas, mexican rice and mushroom quesadillas by Remi, spicy chicken wings and sangria by Ms. C

Eating Mexican food can be a lot of fun with friends. Because you get to prepare your own plate of food with the ingredients all spread out on the table. And you get to learn about the cuisine that is so widely misinterpreted. Yes, the nachos, fajitas, tacos served in Chillis, Frontera Sol of Mexico and Friday’s are more tex-mex (Texan-Mexican) than authentic Mexican cuisine. Want authentic Mexican food in KL? Give La Mexicana a try!

Pozole. Mexican living abroad will go gaga over this dish as how we Malaysians would go gaga over Nasi Lemak in a foreign country. An authentic dish originated from Mexico, Pozole is consumed on special occasions because one of the ingredient; corn which is a sacred plant for the Aztecs. This dish is fairly easy to make. With corm (usually whole hominy kernels), shredded chicken meat and chicken stock.

Pozole, is served with lettuce, onion and a bit of chili sauce. Yummeh!

Chicken Tinga Tostada This is a hot item on our dining table and our friends simply adore this dish. It’s served with bite-sized tostada chips with refried beans, chicken tinga, lettuce, sour cream, sprinkle with feta cheese.

Chicken Tinga is another simple dish to make. Saute thinly sliced onions with cooking oil. Then add in shredded chicken meat, tomato sauce chili sauce, chipotle sauce and salt to taste.

Enchiladas potosinas originate from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. If you are like me, you are probably confused with taco, fajitas, quesadillas and enchilada. After all, they are all wrapped with corn tortilla! So to differentiate enchilada with the rest, just remember that it is basically a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with chili and tomato sauce! With fillings varies from chicken, beef or pork, seafood, feta cheese, potatoes, vegetables, or any combination of these and are commonly topped with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, and fresh cilantro. Another yummy dish thank to the Mayans.

Mexican Corn I absolutely LOVE corn! I think corn would taste so much better if it’s grilled. But since we don’t have an oven, we’ll just have to make do with boiling the corn. So once the corn are boiled, squeeze some lime on it before a think layer of butter is coated on the corn. Then coat a layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle some paprika/chili power and parmesan cheese.

Turns out, the get-together wasn’t that bad after all. Good food, good friends! Wished I’ve done this earlier.

From left at the back: Remi, Punie, Githa, Aivee, Ck, Celeste, Me (Gosh! need to lose weight!) and Jorge

Thank you for being part of my life! 🙂

The move #3

Oh boy! Another 2 weeks to go before I bid farewell (temporarily I hope) to Malaysia and start a new chapter in Bangkok. Yes! Excitement is in the air and I am getting all pumped up!

After a month of sitting around, wasting our time arguing about what stays in Malaysia, what’s coming with us to Bangkok and which moving company to engage with, we finally agree to go with Pioneer Movers to transport 11 boxes of books, clothes, shoes, kitchenware and paintings by truck to Bangkok last week. Yes! 11 boxes after I’ve donated half my stuff to an orphanage.

It’s such a relief now that we are done with shifting most of our stuff to Bangkok. And my apartment has never been so clean since I first move in.

So I guess we’ll see you in Bangkok!

No. 34, Jalan Sibu 16, Taman Wahyu,
Batu 6, Jalan Ipoh, 68100 Kuala Lumpur City,

Tel : 03-6250 5261 / 03-6250 9991 / 03-6250 9990
Toll Free : 1 800 88 6683
Website : www.pioneermovers.com

The move to Bangkok #2

Mid August came in a blink of an eye. We started packing yesterday, sorted out what we wanted to bring with us to Bangkok, what to sell and what to give away to an orphanage.

After looking at boxes and boxes of stuff, I can admit that I am indeed a hoarder. I’ve collected too many clothes, shoes, books, bags and accessories since I came to Kuala Lumpur 11 years ago.

A 40kg check in luggage and a 7kg hand carry to Bangkok seems like a tall order now.

Albeit all the packing, sorting out my last day of service and tenure at my apartment, the excitement of moving to Bangkok and the anxiety to leave Malaysia has not kicked in. Perhaps I’ve really master the art of ‘what come may’. Perhaps, Bangkok is too familiar and a part of me can’t wait to leave because I find the political state of this country sickening.

On the other hand, friends are more excited than me on our move to Bangkok. Almost 99% of them expressed excitement due to expectation of free lodging. A few was pissed because we got a one bedroom apartment. Yes, I kid you not. Shocking! This kinda behaviour really puzzles me. Budget hotels are abundance in Bangkok and most of them are not first time visitors. While they make such request, have they not think of 10-20 more people who would make similar request? And that I would have to accommodate all of them throughout the year? Have they not consider how inconvenient that may be?

We are happy to accommodate our parents and very close friends. As for the rest, we would be more than happy to recommend hotels, places of interest and nice restaurants 🙂

So chill.

The red lip

Today was supposed to be the start of a good week.

I had a wonderful dream that involved aromatic coffee and delicious pastry in the land of the rising sun, embarked on a new diet that makes up of fruits and vegetable. Not to mentioned, I’ve tucked my moodiness 6 feet under.

I was in the mood to be happy. I wore the red lip coupled with winged eyeliner. I thought some attention would do me good. It is after all the start of the week and I am in dire need for some motivation, or something silly to talk at the coffee table. Yes, topics concerning the red lip.

But apparently I didn’t dig deep enough to bury all my emotional turmoil and it was ignited with most insignificant and the silliest things that crossed my path. Yes, I was agitated (again) today.

Perhaps it was because I had to take the train to work today which I didn’t intend to but had to because the taxi which was queueing for passengers was a taxi driver that I couldn’t get along with.

Perhaps it was because my red lip got too much attention in the train that I felt I’ve been robbed off my freedom to express how I felt this particular morning. HAPPY, I was supposed to be happy. Until all the perverted stares came along.

Perhaps it was because I had to put up with people who get paid so much and yet does nothing to improve the situation that they are in but complaint complaint and more complaint.

Today is not a good day. My red lip has failed me.

Always Say Yes To Breakfast

Today is one of those rare days when my boy friend is up so early and offered to make me breakfast. Rare because he would usually be grumpy and moody and even grumpier when I deliberately plant kisses on his cheek, his nose, his eyes, his forehead 😀

Although its 15 minutes to 9pm when he started chopping the onions, beating the eggs, and I know I would be awfully late for work. I decided that for once, I should just sit back, relax and let him express his love through the delicious scrambled egg 🙂


We’ve been in a relationship for almost 8 months now. It’s still a lot of fun and my love and admiration for him grew stronger for each passing day. There’s something really awesome about him. He is selfless, has a good heart, vulnerable and strong at the same time, worldly and most important of all, he help me be the best that I can be.

So yeah, find that someone who is good for your soul. Especially someone who would make breakfast for you in the morning 🙂

Waiting for the next chapter to start

Today, I came back to an empty apartment. This feeling is all too familiar. I get a couple of hours to be couch potato before I heat up the little electric pan to prepare some fajitas for my boy friend. It’s a good thing really. After 25 days, he is working again! At Sid’s pub as their F&B consultant.

To be honest, this opportunity came quite as a surprise especially when both of us, or rather me is all geared up to relocate to Bangkok. Looks like, we are not able to predict what’s going to happen in a month’s time. This feeling is exactly like walking on a thin wire 20 feet above the ground, and all I can do is to move forward, one step at a time.

Funny how things turned out to be.

No matter what, I am all set for a new chapter in my life, hopefully in another country.


Money matters

How do you ask your friend to pay back the money they owe you?

22 days ago. You called me at 8.30am on a Saturday asking me if I can loan you RM300. You said something went wrong with your ATM card and that you would pay me in the evening after checking with the bank on your faulty ATM card.

5 days after, my RM300 was no where in sight. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought that it might have slipped your mind. I dismissed the thought of you deliberately not pay me like how those ungrateful and irresponsible loaners would behave. So I decided to give you a little nudge through SMS.

I breathe a sigh of relief when you replied apologetically and asked for my bank account number. Although my account number is clearly stated in your account’s transaction history.

Another 4 days passed. While sitting in Starbucks with my friends with nothing much to do. It suddenly occur to me that I have not received my RM300. And so I sent you another text message, asking you if you have transfered the money. Although I was pretty damned sure that you haven’t.

No reply.

11 days after, I was getting really pissed off. I couldn’t believe you avoided my call. I waited 10 minute for a call back or at least an SMS. Nothing. So I called your boss and asked him your whereabout. And guess what? He was so kind to pass my message to you to return my call.

You finally called and expressed shock that I have not received the RM300. You claimed that you have transfered the money back to my account. If I have speech bubbles on top of my head it would read nothing but ‘Liar’, ‘Liar’, ‘Liar’!

You said you will check with the bank and let me know the outcome. 5 hours later. Still no news from you.
And when I finally managed to get you on the phone, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

You transfered the money to a different account holder? SERIOUSLY!?

Wow! You sure is one helluva liar.

Human behaviour baffles me at times. When we borrow something that is not ours, it is only right to return it to the owner. But why do people not pay back the money they loan? Why in the world, would they sabotage their friendship and their dignity for money?

I am utterly disappointed with the stunt that he pulled. And this should not come as a surprise when I say I am going to get my RM300 back at all cost.

It’s gonna be June soon.

Another 11 days into June. How could time have passed me by so quickly, in a blink of an eye?

It seems that it was only yesterday, in January.
Almost 3 months without a job and a tourist visa that was expiring soon. My boyfriend and I were getting restless. He made a choice to stay and I made a choice to stand by him. Call me silly like many would have – to choose a man who has nothing to offer but his heart, courage and determination to succeed. What I saw wasn’t the material things that he could offer but the man that he is, the man that he would become and the woman that I would become when I am with him.

After several rounds of interview, he finally landed a job in one of the Leading Hotels in KL as a Restaurant Manager. I couldn’t have been more proud of him and grateful for friends who landed a helping hand.

It seems that it was only yesterday, in February.
Where my boyfriend’s work permit application left us perplexed. I remembered being angry. Angry because it took forever to process his work permit.

I remember it was a Sunday. The day that his visa run expired. We left hastily for Singapore on a 5pm flight, lingered around Changi Airport and took a flight back to KL at 11pm on the same day.

I was tired and worried. Worried because there were too many occurrence of his visits within 6 month that he might be denied entry to Malaysia.

At the airport, he was stopped by the immigration officer and was given a special pass for a 2 week stay and was referred to the Immigration Dept in Putrajaya should he want to appeal for a longer stay in Malaysia.

I went into a frantic mode for the next 2 weeks that follows.

It seems that it was only yesterday, in March.
My boyfriend had to leave the country and was only be permitted entry with an approval of his work permit by the Immigration Department. It was an unbearable period for me.

Unbearable because chances of him getting the work permit approved is 50%-50%.
Unbearable because there is a possibility of him not coming back.

I visited him on his 2nd week in Bangkok. My anxiety was cured immediately when I saw him upon arrival at Don Muang airport. It was a fun trip with him showing me around the city he called home for the past 12 years.

I finally smiled. And for the first time in my life, I prayed to the 4 faced Buddha at Erawan shrine for his return. Which, the Buddha has granted.

It seem like it was only yesterday, in April.
I shifted my focus to what I want to do with my life. My one-year-travelling-plan is out of the question now. Yes, I choose to give that up for my boyfriend and our future. I proudly admitted to my decision. With no shame whatsoever.

April was also a period of soul searching. Money vs passion vs long working hours vs work life balance.

Unfortunately, the answer never came in April.

It seem like it was only yesterday, in beginning of May.
It was quite clear now. Passion and money won and it’s time for me to move on. Like how many Malaysian’s had made the choice to vote out race based politics, cronyism and corruption of the government under Barisan Nasional’s rule.

I’ve never seen such unity among Malaysians when we geared up for the 13th General Election. Photos of indelible ink on voter’s finger surfaces on Facebook newsfeed on 5th May. It was recorded that 80% of Malaysians came up to vote.

The entire nation went into a frenzy on the night of 5th May when the results of polling was announced. The Opposition party has clearly won the election with 50.1% of total votes but Barisan Nasional was announced the winner.

We teared and turned our Facebook profiles turned into black to mark the death of democracy in Malaysia. Such was, an emotional melt down experiences by 50.1% of the population in Malaysia.

Now, 11 days into June. I wonder is I am able to have much sense of achievement when December comes.

The 13th General Election

A week has passed since GE13.

I was like many of my fellow Malaysians. I voted, with extreme confidence that the opposition party lead by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim will win the 13th General Election. Like all fellow Malaysians, we had a goal. That is to vote out the ruling party. We cried out ‘Asal Bukan BN’ and ‘Ubah’ on our Facebook updates. We were asked by opposition’s cyber troopers to vote for any opposition party but BN.

We wanted a better Malaysia. And we believed that the opposition party can give us just that. So 50.1% of the country voted for the opposition party.

But, we did not win. BN is still the ruling party although technically Opposition party has won the election with 50.1% of total votes (while BN 46.6%). We were made to believe that it’s because of the phantom voters, imported voters from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines and extra ballot boxes that miraculously appear after the mysterious blackout. And of cause, gerrymandering.

Facebook pages turned black when everyone changed their cover photo and profile picture to black, depicting that Democracy is dead in Malaysia. Me included.

But how much of that is true? How much of that, that were shared on Facebook is true?

Conventional media did not report the truth, and so we turn to Facebook and Twitter for news feeds. And get caught up with what pro-opposition wants us to believe.

I voted for the Opposition party. Just because I am sick of raced based politics, corruption, cronyism from the ruling party. I too believe that Malaysia under the Opposition will prosper, based on their track record with Selangor and Penang.

But, politics is a dirty business. And it’s definitely not what we perceive on surface level.

So, good luck Malaysia.

“Which side are you on?”
“There are no sides. Only the past and the future.”

Quote – Hemingway & Gellhorn