7 week pregnant

I weight myself this morning and I’ve gained 1kg. I’m also starting to feel heavy with a minor back pain this morning. The consolation is that the baby’s little arms and legs will start forming this week. So whatever uncomfort is so so worth it.

I am also feeling extreme fatigue these days. My legs are weak and I couldn’t stand on my feet for long period of time. Toilet visits are more frequent too. Not to mention I feel hungry throughout the day. Which reminds me… I have to start buying healthy snacks to snack on.

A handful of my close friends already knows about my pregnancy. In shock they were for this unexpected bundle of joy haha! I mean who wouldn’t? Someone my age would have been cautious about birth control especially when I still don’t have a ring on my finger. But that’s just me…I knew I should have taken the pill but something in me just wanted to go with the flow. Maybe I was feeling adventurous, a little rebellious even.

Despite the emotional roller coaster in the first few weeks of revelation, I have not regretted my decision one bit. There is no other candidate more suitable than Jorge to father this child. This baby is going to be so lucky.

6 week pregnant

6 weeks into pregnancy and I am so glad that I’ve not experience a full blown pregnancy syndrome.

No nausea or vomiting in the morning, just slight nausea in the evening. I do feel hungry when I wake up in the morning and at 12noon. Other than that, I feel kinda weak and when evening comes I feel as though I’ve ran 10km and I just want to crash into a deep slumber. not to mentioned I’ve also been very moody and hot tempered.

This week, I think I should be able to calm myself more since the cat is already out of the bag (to our family at least) and the fact that we would be registering for marriage (soon).

For the past 2 weeks, I weren’t able to come clean to anyone who made passing comments on how pale and sick I looked. I wasn’t able to tell them the truth but today, I finally admited to a colleague. It was such a relief and her expression was priceless! haha…

At the 6th week, my baby is ¼ inch long resembling a lentil bean. There is already a heartbeat at 120 beats per minute. Baby is going through visible changes where ears, mouth, nose, lungs, intestines, liver, and pancreas are starting to form. So are the arms and legs, which should begin to start protruding.

The more I read about the baby’s developmemt on a week by week basis, the more I feel love towards this little being inside me. The feeling is trully amazing…

I can’t wait to find out if the baby is going to be May Citlalli Bernal Chan or Han Quetzalcoatl Bernal Chan 🙂

A baby on the way


After 3 weeks of anxiety, 2 home
pregnancy test and a visit to the hospital yesterday, it was finally confirmed that we are 6 weeks pregnant.

Just barely 4 millimeter in size, we saw the yolk sac, saw and heard the heartbeat through the ultra sound monitor. The heartbeat was 120 beat per minute!

It took me a while to accept that I am carrying a life in me. Under the normal circumstances of a married couple who is expecting a child, it would be a totally different story. But there I was, more afraid than excited. I wasn’t prepared to tell my parents, I wasn’t prepared financially and emotionally. And now I had to abandon my diet plan to lose 10kg.

This morning, we finally told our family. And can now breathe a sigh of relief and do our best to bring this little being to life on Jan 21, 2015.

A new chapter has begun.