Choices in life

I woke up this morning and entertained to thought of taking a week off to venture into the deep soul of Asia during J’s 2 week absence.

This is a good sign.
I am not angry anymore.

There are a lot of events in life that is out of my control. Sure, I can kick a fuss and demand things to be done my way, I can vent my anger on Facebook and Twitter and I can be utterly dispirited and affect others with my bad mood and non-stop whining.


I can make the best of the days left with J before he leaves the country, and plan for things the activities that I’ve always wanted to do with me and myself while he is away. Like …read my book(s), finish up J’s recipe book, update with delicious recipe updates and a solo trip to Indonesia.

At the end of the day, we all have choices.
And I have a choice.

So I choose to be the very best that I can and choose to be on the lookout for that other door that is wide open for me.

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