Finally ROM


After 2 months of running around getting the documents sorted, we finally managed to register our marriage at Bang Rak district office. It was a close call and the registration attempt was almost unsuccessful because the way Malaysia Embassy translate my husband’s name in Thai was different from the way the Mexican Embassy translated it. But luckily the officer at the district office wasn’t too fussy about it. Else we would have to get the copies translated again to Thai, get the endorsement from our respective Embassy and get it endorse again by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand.

Anyway, even though we are legally married in Thai law, we would still have to register our marriage in our respective embassy to legalise our Thai marriage certificate. Which I hope would be a breeze.

Married life is….GOOD. I feel that it has strengthen our relationship, and help me become a better person, which I wouldn’t have become otherwise if I am still single.

When I was single, I didn’t care about anyone apart from my wants and needs. I was opinionated, selfish, wild, a go getter and living life the way I want it without considering how it would affect the people around me. But now, I feel that I’ve grown a lot emotionally in this past 2 years with my husband where he has helped me become a much better person.

Despite how the world would interpret my thoughts through my writing, I am just so ever grateful to the universe to have brought us together. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a man so unconditionally as I do to my husband. We have been through so much ups and downs in life, every challenges that life throws at him, I stand firmly by his side. Through his challenges, I also discovered that I am actually stronger than I thought emotionally and mentally.

Today, 16.10.2014 is the day we made a commitment to each other for better or worse. And I look forward for more years to come with him and our little Jorgito.

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