finding a purpose in pangkor island

Saturday morning.
I woke up at 7am and was a bit panicky because the earliest bus from KL to Lumut leaves at 8am! My best friend offered to drive me to the bus station but we got in 10 mins past 8am because we missed a few turns. Anyways, I managed to get a ticket to lumut at 8.15am. Though it was a crappy bus, with “pitch black” seats and engine that roars like a rocket, it did get me to lumut in 4 hours flat, and it’s air conditioned. So that’s not a bad start.

I got my returned bus ticket and hopped on to Duta Pangkor ferry to Pangkor Island. I wasn’t half as excited as I was when I left KL. Probably because I’ve been to Pangkor 4 years ago with Alex and Mandy.

The pink minibus to Teluk Intan cost RM10 per person. (If one mini bus can take 8 person on a trip, then the bus driver would have made 80 bucks on a 5 min trip!)

I was taken to Nazri Nipah Camp, a backpackers paradise that I picked up from Lonely Planet’s recommendation. After checking in with only RM20 per night, I was taken to my hut. It was exactly what I saw on the internet. Except, I didn’t know it was gonna be so warm! I had a headache and I decided to take a nap hoping the headache will go away in a couple of hours. But it worsen and I vomited RM3.80 of lunch at the warong near the jetty.

a shot from my hut

I then took a bath to refresh myself in the shared bath room before feasting myself with Air Batu Campur in one of the stalls by the beach.

The sun was high up in the sky and the weather was superb. Truth is, there is no other place that I rather be at that moment in time – to feast my senses upon a scene without sky scrappers and people in their office attire.

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