Good bye 2014

2014 has been a good year for me overall. Just the other day, I was telling hubby how I couldn’t remember any significant event that happened in 2014. Probably due to pregnancy absent-mindedness. But when I scroll through my photo album in my iPhone, actually a lot of things did happened in 2014. So here’s a recap..

– Went to Nakhon Pathom with Hubby for a weekend exploration. Took a minivan from was dropped off the highway in the middle of nowhere but we somehow managed to find our way to a very beautiful temple complex and was blessed by a monk in the cave. That was quite an adventure.

– Went to Hua Hin with Hubby for a weekend getaway. Had a good time there exploring the little town. And had lobster for the first time 😀

– On our way back from Hua Hin, we stopped at a boat noodle shop near Victory Monument. It was ok, not sure why people are raving about the boat noodles. Maybe its the fun of piling up 10+ empty bowls of noodles for Instagram.

– Went to Samut Songkram for team building. Fell sick and had fever during the trip. Felt so bad for missing out the workshop.

– Opened Sabroso Town in Town, Tree Square. So excited for hubby!

– Accompanied Hubby to KL and indulged in roti and teh tarik. Bliss…

– Went to Kota Kinabalu for iMedia Summit, met up with my best friend and colleagues from Malaysia and Indonesia.

– Went to Chengdu, Jiuzaigou for FAM trip. Took China Air and flew over mountain of snow. Never seen anything so beautiful like this before.

– Went to Singapore for FB Digital Conference.

– 2nd team building in Pattaya.

– Found out I was 2 months pregnant after 2 home pregnancy test, got all the jitters and didn’t know what to do…But had my heart melted after seeing the little man on sonogram. And we decided to get married and be good parents to little Jorgito.

– Participated in Chilli cook off during America’s Independence day with Hubby and won 2nd price for People’s choice award. So proud of hubby!

– Went back to Malaysia to collect my single status of declaration and met up with my best friend and had Indian feast in my favorite restaurant.

– Made Nasi lemak for the first time haha

Went to Hong Kong with hubby.

– mmm… nothing significant happened.

– Had a simple but meaningful wedding dinner at Sabroso. Attended by our close friends and family members.

– After months of running around Bangkok between Malaysia & Mexican Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand, We managed to register our marriage.

– Sabroso move out of Tree Square at the end of Oct. Was a sad day but also relieved that we will be able to move on and start something new in a better location.

– Went back to Batu Pahat with Hubby to attend my brother’s wedding.

– Had baby shower for my little Jorgito with our friends in KL

– Found a Indonesian restaurant at Sukhumvit and fell in love with the Nasi Ayam Bakar and sirap ice. Gosh I missed Indonesian food!

– Started Sabroso in Sukhumvit 23

– Very heavily pregnant with little Jorgiro at week 37.

So, 2014 wasn’t that bad after all 🙂

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