Hello 2015

2 weeks break is ending tonight, and it’s back to work tomorrow. Monday blues is kicking in. Need to start working on prepping the new Digital Manager and setting work plan and 2015 KPI for the digital team. Hopefully I can get these all done before I go on maternity leave on 20 Jan.

There is much to look forward to for 2015.

My little man is due to arrive on 23 Jan. Growing up, I had a rocky relationship with my parents. I figure that’s because they both comes from a big family and did not inherit a lot of parenting skills from my grandparents. I wasn’t a happy child growing up, which resulted in a void in the relationship department which I so wanted to fill with all the wrong men.

But that said, I am not prepared to spoil my son rotten. There will be no lack of affection for him that’s for sure. But I will also teach him how to earn his keeps, how be a good man, a feminist, a hard worker, an honest and most importantly the law of karma. haha!

I didn’t get to travel much in 2014 due to the pregnancy. There are so many hidden gems to be explored in Thailand itself…not forgetting Japan, Korea, Tibet and Nepal. Many said that once the baby arrive it would be harder to travel. But I really don’t mind traveling with my baby son. Also, we have planned to visit Mexico end of 2015. Fingers crossed for that.

Learning a new language at my age is a killer. I’ve tried to learn Thai by enrolling in a language school, and yet only managed to speak very basic Thai to taxi driver. This year, I’ve made up my mind to learn Spanish. So I can understand what my husband says to my son as well as to have a decent conversation with my mother in law when we visit Mexico 😀

So that’s it! My resolution for 2015. And now, I have to sleep and get ready for first day of work tomorrow.

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