How Jorgito look like


A visit to the hospital has always been a happy affair because we get to see little Jorgito on ultra sound monitor.

Yesterday, during our monthly visit to the hospital, I casually asked when will we be able to see little Jorgito in 4D scan. Surprisingly the doctor said we could try but with no guarantee that the imagery will be clear if the baby is not in the right position.

But we did anyway and my husband was literally jumping with joy when he saw little Jorgito on screen because he look so much like him, especially the nose!

Now that we know how he look like, we are anticipating his arrival even more. I look forward to be his mom, give him all the tools and knowledge he require to be a good man. A man with a good and strong heart, fair, honest, driven and respects woman.

So far, his development has been very good. His growth rate and heart beat is normal. Lately he has been very active as well. I can feel his movement more frequent nowadays. Sometimes it brings me so much joy to just stare at my tummy and look at his movement.

Bring pregnant and a mother is the best experience a woman can have.

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