I met a fortune teller

Fortune telling is something that is often frowned upon and it’s considered superstitious.

Many years ago, I knew of a former colleague who is extremely superstitious. She would seek advice from medium and fortune teller for certain decisions in her life. Several close friends has followed her foot steps but me. I’ve refrain myself to do so because I believed in no one but myself, that 40 years of living has thought me that as long as I can dream it, I can do it.

However, certain events lately has clouded my judgement. Without hesitation, I took the chance, FB messaged one of my close friend and asked him to book a slot with the fortune teller. 2 days after that I was on the flight back to Malaysia.
I would not go into detail of my reading. All I can say is that it definitely open up my eyes in to a past events, why certain things happened the way it did and what I can do to prevent certain unfavorable things to happen. The fortune telling method was based on based on birth date namely 八字(Eight Words),紫微斗数 .

Some may argue that we are the master of our fate. I still think we are. But like driving, some times we need ‘Waze’ to guide us to our destination. The same can be said about fortune telling. We can try to navigate our life blindly with no-quit attitude. We might get there, but we would also have made several wrong turns, met several unfortunate events or people along the way.

It’s also not my place to convince anyone to see a fortune teller. But if you do decide to do, make sure you are aware of the following.

1. You need to be mentally strong and prepared.
If you are the desperate for an answer, it would be best to not seek advice from a fortune teller. You need to weight all your options and have a clear mind on what you desire before you seek for an answer. This is because a weak mind can be easily influenced, and if the outcome is not what you expected, it will make matters worst.

2. It can ruin existing relationship if not careful.
There are two type of people in everyone’s life. One is the villain and the other one is the benefactor. In fortune telling, the master will tell you which zodiac or whom in your life that is the villain or the benefactor. Sometimes, it can be pretty dreadful to find out that the villain could be someone you are close to. If not careful, this can ruin relationship, and it might also cause you be to skeptical towards people and their agenda.
In life, we need to understand that human is a complicated being. We are like fluid, we are not constant, we change due to circumstances. And we have to accept that people will be driven to their personal agenda. No mater what, however small or big that agenda is.

3. Do not dwell too much in to what was said about the future.
This is the toughest to do. Once you heard what has been spoken, it quite hard to unheard what was said. Be it a good reading or a bad reading. Know that you are still in control of your future. If you want good fortune, you have to work hard for it because its not going to simply fall on your lap. Simple as that.

4. Know that you are still the master of your fate.
As I said earlier, fortune teller is like ‘Waze’ and can only be served as a guide. At the end of the day, it still has to depend on you, the driver who drives the car. You still have the power to control your destiny, the path you choose to take.

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