Love him as you would love yourself unconditionally

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday.

Surprisingly, despite my boyfriend’s disinterest on the most commercialised celebration, he sent a message to my mailbox, which had me glowing for the rest of the day 😀

I am not a big fan of V day nor do I oppose the celebration. I’ve always believe that bouquet of roses, wine and dine and expensive jewellery are just icing on a cake. If the cake is not baked well, no amount of garnishing and icing on the cake can make it taste good.

I’m crazy in love with him and the idea of us together. It’s not because we are barely 3 months into the relationship hence the ‘love is blind’ thing that we are experiencing. In fact, i think that when we are old and grey we are still going to be crazy in love with each other and be one of those old lovey dovey couple that still hold each other’s hand and makes the rest of the world goes ‘aw….’.

Being in a relationship is not always blue skies and a bed of roses. When you’ve decided to go into a relationship with someone, you make a conscious decision to support and stay with him through thick and thin. You make an effort every day to improve your relationship, your well-being, his well-being and you love the other person as how you would love yourself.

I am very fortunate to have met him and to made that conscious decision to be with him in this lifetime. It’s cheesy to think that a woman can be completed by a man. So I shall not say that. But, he has truly helped me grow into a better person.

I hope you will find yours whom will help you do the same.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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