Money matters

How do you ask your friend to pay back the money they owe you?

22 days ago. You called me at 8.30am on a Saturday asking me if I can loan you RM300. You said something went wrong with your ATM card and that you would pay me in the evening after checking with the bank on your faulty ATM card.

5 days after, my RM300 was no where in sight. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought that it might have slipped your mind. I dismissed the thought of you deliberately not pay me like how those ungrateful and irresponsible loaners would behave. So I decided to give you a little nudge through SMS.

I breathe a sigh of relief when you replied apologetically and asked for my bank account number. Although my account number is clearly stated in your account’s transaction history.

Another 4 days passed. While sitting in Starbucks with my friends with nothing much to do. It suddenly occur to me that I have not received my RM300. And so I sent you another text message, asking you if you have transfered the money. Although I was pretty damned sure that you haven’t.

No reply.

11 days after, I was getting really pissed off. I couldn’t believe you avoided my call. I waited 10 minute for a call back or at least an SMS. Nothing. So I called your boss and asked him your whereabout. And guess what? He was so kind to pass my message to you to return my call.

You finally called and expressed shock that I have not received the RM300. You claimed that you have transfered the money back to my account. If I have speech bubbles on top of my head it would read nothing but ‘Liar’, ‘Liar’, ‘Liar’!

You said you will check with the bank and let me know the outcome. 5 hours later. Still no news from you.
And when I finally managed to get you on the phone, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

You transfered the money to a different account holder? SERIOUSLY!?

Wow! You sure is one helluva liar.

Human behaviour baffles me at times. When we borrow something that is not ours, it is only right to return it to the owner. But why do people not pay back the money they loan? Why in the world, would they sabotage their friendship and their dignity for money?

I am utterly disappointed with the stunt that he pulled. And this should not come as a surprise when I say I am going to get my RM300 back at all cost.

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