The reveal

Today I finally mustered all my courage and told my manager about my pregnancy. I don’t know why but I tend to feel that employers are not really fond of pregnant employees. Though pregnancy is not a illness but I’ve witnessed too many people using pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy and underperformed at work. Perhaps what’s adding so much stress is that I’m afraid that is what others would make of me.

Even though I’ve slowed down and try not react too fast and getting all worked up before counting down to 10, I’m pretty sure I will probably be working until the day I go into labour.

Anyway, almost into week 8 and there are still no sign of morning sickness. Yay for that! Also, no sign of baby bump, just excessive fat around my tummy due to excessive binging. Apart from extreme fatigue and soreness around my nipple and breast, I’m also experiencing runny nose and non stop sneezing especially at night. Which is quite common I read.

I think in another couple of weeks more people will find out about my pregnancy. Colleagues in Malaysia and my relatives…Which I really dread. I don’t like to be in the limelight and I certainly don’t like to be told what I should do and should not do. Sometimes I wished that I can retreat into a cave and stay there as long as I can.

Anyway, little Jorgito (as we fondly called him/her) is a size of a kidney bean now.

So proud of my baby 🙂

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