not so sunny sunday

Sunday wasn’t what I had expected. The warm sunny weather in the morning was replaced by heavy rain in the afternoon. Instead of strolling in air-conditioned malls, spending time with my boyfriend, I ended up sulking, feeling sorry for myself with unreasonable doubts about us and our relationship.

It was his first day off after he came back to Malaysia. But he choose to work because it was Easter weekend and he wanted to make sure that the restaurant functions without hiccups. I wasn’t entirely over the moon but I understood that he needed to be at the restaurant at least until 3pm. Then I started feeling agitated when an hour passed without him in sight.

The emotional meltdown was not because he had to work on his off day. it was because of the existence of such articles and people who showing off intimate details of how they have been treated like a princess by their boyfriend on their FB and Twitter timeline.

The human mind is truly an amazing tool to create and to destroy.

I should be reading, I should be writing, I should be building my camera box. But I did nothing but sulking for something that is so insignificant.

As if that’s not enough, I continued to sulk in my bed in complete darkness.

He finally came home at 9pm. I refused to talk to him. And when I finally decided to speak, my not-fully-functioned brain coax me into asking him the stupidest question.

‘Do you love me?’

Yes, kill me please.
I should be ashamed of myself.
I know.

Yes, my boyfriend doesn’t surprise me with flowers and fancy gift, he is not a hopeless romantic, he doesn’t prepare breakfast in bed for me and he doesn’t whisper romantic promises.

But when he told me he love me, he said it with assurance.

He showed me love by holding me in his arm when we sleep.
He showed me love by sharing with me how his day went every night he comes back home.
He showed me love by encouraging me to be the best that I can
He showed me love by finishing all the food that I prepared for him, no matter how bad a cook I am.
He showed me love by letting me be a part of his daily life.
And the showed me love by working hard for our future.

How can I doubt such a man?

He once told me that the relationship that we are in, it about me and him. It’s not about our parents, our friends, the self proclaimed relationship gurus nor the articles in Cosmopolitan magazine.

And he was right.

And that was enough for me.

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