Pangkor here I come!

I can’t believe I am really going on a backpacking trip to Pangkor! Really! Finally! After years of wanting to do this – backpacker style! 😀

I am feeling very excited where every cell in my body screams “HORRAY!” again, and again AND again! Finally, I am taking my first steps towards backpacking. Very soon, I’ll be ready to do this outside the country! First stop, New Orleans to visit my dear friend Azhar.

It all happened 2 days ago. Can’t remember exactly what I was doing, but all of the sudden I switched on my laptop and start surfing on Pangkor Island. The next thing I know, I was hit by a travel bug 😀 As though I was destined to do this alone, non of my friends (or colleague) find the idea compelling. Too spontenous they say. But life is all about that! To be spontenous, just do it with minimal planning and worries 🙂

Gosh I even bought a backpack for this trip! My investment and commitment to lose my virginity as a backpacker! Can?

Anyways, I did some research and came across this awsome site on Pangkor Island and reserved my beach hut at Nazri Nipah Camp for RM30. I hope it turns out as good as how it looks!

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