Ready for the next chapter

You know the saying that when one door closes, another one opens? Although I live by that statement, let’s just say that the past few months has been shit.
Actually the word ‘shit’ would not even survice to describe the mental and emotional turmoil that we had to go though in the past 6 months.

Life is funny like that. Sometimes we set our heart and mind to improve work processes, productivity and efficiently with proven methodology, but to be resisted due to insecurity and personal agenda. Good thing is, I’m way passed the stage where I would loose sleep and find ways to prove my point. Sometimes, the best approach is to let other’s fail so that they would know how to succeed.

What happened to my boyfriend, confirmed tat I have indeed made the right choice in choosing the right partner that I want to live my life with.

After a 6 month ordeal of working with a bunch of supposedly ‘professionals’ from the world’s leading hotel, we decided that its best to adhere to a resignation. Knowing very well that no matter how much effort we put in for the company, some things will never change. So we are ready to close that chapter and move on with our life in….BANGKOK!

Yes! We will be relocating to Bangkok, Thailand. Although I don’t have a specific date for myself but honestly… I can’t wait to pack my bags and go! Even if I don’t have a job, I figure I could sign up for a course to learn Thai language and treat it like the 1 year round the world trip that I have always wanted to do. You know, like not having to work for a year or something.

Life is good, despite the challenges that we have to go through. And life, is indeed a box of chocolate. We’ll never know what we’re gonna get.

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