The 13th General Election

A week has passed since GE13.

I was like many of my fellow Malaysians. I voted, with extreme confidence that the opposition party lead by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim will win the 13th General Election. Like all fellow Malaysians, we had a goal. That is to vote out the ruling party. We cried out ‘Asal Bukan BN’ and ‘Ubah’ on our Facebook updates. We were asked by opposition’s cyber troopers to vote for any opposition party but BN.

We wanted a better Malaysia. And we believed that the opposition party can give us just that. So 50.1% of the country voted for the opposition party.

But, we did not win. BN is still the ruling party although technically Opposition party has won the election with 50.1% of total votes (while BN 46.6%). We were made to believe that it’s because of the phantom voters, imported voters from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines and extra ballot boxes that miraculously appear after the mysterious blackout. And of cause, gerrymandering.

Facebook pages turned black when everyone changed their cover photo and profile picture to black, depicting that Democracy is dead in Malaysia. Me included.

But how much of that is true? How much of that, that were shared on Facebook is true?

Conventional media did not report the truth, and so we turn to Facebook and Twitter for news feeds. And get caught up with what pro-opposition wants us to believe.

I voted for the Opposition party. Just because I am sick of raced based politics, corruption, cronyism from the ruling party. I too believe that Malaysia under the Opposition will prosper, based on their track record with Selangor and Penang.

But, politics is a dirty business. And it’s definitely not what we perceive on surface level.

So, good luck Malaysia.

“Which side are you on?”
“There are no sides. Only the past and the future.”

Quote – Hemingway & Gellhorn

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