The end and the beginning of a new chapter

“If you had the choice to do it all over again, will you still join YTL?” She asked.

I thought about all the missed opportunity of exploring new countries, the perks of flying to whichever city I fancy for a weekend getaway, the glory of being part of a company envied by many. Albeit how tired I was to have to deal with the constant drama and emotional roller coaster.

Then, I thought about what I have unlearned and relearned in YTL. The 2 year stint was really a retreat. I became more zen, less arrogant, more humble, and less hard on myself. Albeit not having accomplished as much as I’d like to by my standard.

I looked at her.”Yes.” I said. “If I had the choice to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.”

Regrets are for those who feels bad about a certain decision that they have made in their life. Instead of owning up and find a way to solve it, decide to live with constant questioning of ‘what if’.

Call me an optimist, for I have chosen not to have regrets in my life.

And now this chapter has come to an end. And a new one is to be written!

Thank you my friends, for making my journey in YTL a great one.


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