The move to Bangkok #2

Mid August came in a blink of an eye. We started packing yesterday, sorted out what we wanted to bring with us to Bangkok, what to sell and what to give away to an orphanage.

After looking at boxes and boxes of stuff, I can admit that I am indeed a hoarder. I’ve collected too many clothes, shoes, books, bags and accessories since I came to Kuala Lumpur 11 years ago.

A 40kg check in luggage and a 7kg hand carry to Bangkok seems like a tall order now.

Albeit all the packing, sorting out my last day of service and tenure at my apartment, the excitement of moving to Bangkok and the anxiety to leave Malaysia has not kicked in. Perhaps I’ve really master the art of ‘what come may’. Perhaps, Bangkok is too familiar and a part of me can’t wait to leave because I find the political state of this country sickening.

On the other hand, friends are more excited than me on our move to Bangkok. Almost 99% of them expressed excitement due to expectation of free lodging. A few was pissed because we got a one bedroom apartment. Yes, I kid you not. Shocking! This kinda behaviour really puzzles me. Budget hotels are abundance in Bangkok and most of them are not first time visitors. While they make such request, have they not think of 10-20 more people who would make similar request? And that I would have to accommodate all of them throughout the year? Have they not consider how inconvenient that may be?

We are happy to accommodate our parents and very close friends. As for the rest, we would be more than happy to recommend hotels, places of interest and nice restaurants 🙂

So chill.

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