The path we choose

It’s approaching April.

I’m starting to get asked a lot about my 1 year round the world trip. Yes, the plan was to leave the corporate world and live out on a suitcase. Starting from Thailand to china, Russia, Europe, India, Indonesia and back to Malaysia. It was supposed to be an epic journey that would nourish my soul and excelerate my growth to a better human being.

All that, was before I met my boy friend.

I believe that there is no absolute right nor wrong for the decisions that we make in our lives. If we can look at our lives in a form of flow chart, we would then understand that every path that we take represents a learning that we must undertake before reaching our destination. If we can undertand that, then we would live a life of no regret.

He is good for me. Although I am not traveling, I am still learning what I needed to learn. Perseverance, be more compassion, plan better, write more and keep learning new skills. That said, I couldn’t find any reason to pack my bags and go. Especially without him.

I am not trying to kid myself, nor am I trying to convince myself that I’ve made the right choice. But as I said, how do we know if we have made the absolute right or wrong choices in life? Of cause, I would be lying if I say I don’t look forward to waking up in a foreign land checking in and out of airports which is my favorite thing to do! But, it wouldn’t be such fun as to be doing it without him.

And so, I’ve chosen another path.

One that has he in it.

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