The red lip

Today was supposed to be the start of a good week.

I had a wonderful dream that involved aromatic coffee and delicious pastry in the land of the rising sun, embarked on a new diet that makes up of fruits and vegetable. Not to mentioned, I’ve tucked my moodiness 6 feet under.

I was in the mood to be happy. I wore the red lip coupled with winged eyeliner. I thought some attention would do me good. It is after all the start of the week and I am in dire need for some motivation, or something silly to talk at the coffee table. Yes, topics concerning the red lip.

But apparently I didn’t dig deep enough to bury all my emotional turmoil and it was ignited with most insignificant and the silliest things that crossed my path. Yes, I was agitated (again) today.

Perhaps it was because I had to take the train to work today which I didn’t intend to but had to because the taxi which was queueing for passengers was a taxi driver that I couldn’t get along with.

Perhaps it was because my red lip got too much attention in the train that I felt I’ve been robbed off my freedom to express how I felt this particular morning. HAPPY, I was supposed to be happy. Until all the perverted stares came along.

Perhaps it was because I had to put up with people who get paid so much and yet does nothing to improve the situation that they are in but complaint complaint and more complaint.

Today is not a good day. My red lip has failed me.

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