uneventful saturday

Last Saturday was one of the bleakest days of my life.

It felt like 1996 all over again.

I always thought of myself as a woman with dignity. When it comes to relationship, I consider myself a one man’s woman. No other men can sweep me off my feet once I’ve given my heart to a man. A woman with little interest in superficial connections, I am loyal to the core and hold devotion dear to my heart.

Sadly, I can’t say the same for the rest of men and women out there. Especially when there are so many temptation through online dating sites, men and women showing off their body in sleazy attire online, inviting each others for cheap thrills.

Self respect for one self and others seems so insubstantial today. Men and women hiding behind their screen, living and feeding their alter ego with superficial connections and makes-believe relationships. Can you turn a blind eye to that? Having shared intimacy which only belong to you with another men/women in the virtual world?

Can you?

‘Sorry’ seemed so frail, when the text exchange has already imprinted in my mind.

I couldn’t stop my tears of sadness and disappointment gushing down my cheeks.
I was crushed.
Heart broken.
And I wanted to run.

In despair, I turned to God and asked him why. What was it that I have not yet learned and needed to relearned through this experience. And most importantly, what should I do after my tears has run dry.

I never got an answer.

Then Sunday came.

It was supposed to be a happy day, for I’ve waited a month to see little Jorgito on the ultrasound screen. But I was still pretty much in despair…from the uneventful Saturday.

Then it happened. Little Jorgito appeared on screen, happily showing off his little willy! My heart melted and my spirit lifted. For our son, I can finally forgive and let us move on with our lives.

Because there are so many good for us to look forward to than that uneventful Saturday.

2 Replies to “uneventful saturday”

  1. I’ve read some of your articles here & could roughly imagine what & how much you’ve done/sacrificed for the man that you love.

    Please re-consider whether it’s worthy or not lead such insecure life in a foreign land like Bangkok. Nothing can actually be changed because no one can ever turn back time – everything has got a price.

    Nevertheless, I wish you all the best of luck. And I’m looking forward to reading more articles from you. 🙂

    1. Hi! I seldom get any reader so it kinda excites me when I get a comment 🙂

      It’s true that I’ve done a lot for him. But till this day I still have not regretted my decisions. What I am experiencing right now, it’s a whole new experience that is beneficial to my growth as a human being. Of cause, life is not always a bed of roses but I always believe that it is the imperfections in life that makes it perfect.

      On the other hand, Bangkok can be quite charming and not very different from Malaysia 🙂

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