Waiting for the next chapter to start

Today, I came back to an empty apartment. This feeling is all too familiar. I get a couple of hours to be couch potato before I heat up the little electric pan to prepare some fajitas for my boy friend. It’s a good thing really. After 25 days, he is working again! At Sid’s pub as their F&B consultant.

To be honest, this opportunity came quite as a surprise especially when both of us, or rather me is all geared up to relocate to Bangkok. Looks like, we are not able to predict what’s going to happen in a month’s time. This feeling is exactly like walking on a thin wire 20 feet above the ground, and all I can do is to move forward, one step at a time.

Funny how things turned out to be.

No matter what, I am all set for a new chapter in my life, hopefully in another country.


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