Baby at week 14

Little Jorgito is 14th week now. And Iā€™m officially on my 2nd trimester!
In terms of health, still no sign of morning sickness and I feel less fatigue nowadays. In fact I feel more energetic compare to a month ago. Nowadays, I can even chase after the 6.30pm bus home.

We went to the hospital today and it was such a joy to see little Jorgito on screen. Weighing about 100gram, he is the size of an apple now. We could see his(or her) bone structure that is well developed.

I breathed a sigh of relieve.

I know I am paranoid but it’s hard not to be when I am not plagued with morning sickness, any form of distress that was caused by pregnancy and the absence feeling of a little being growing inside me. So seeing little Jorgito was really a reassurance of his/her existence šŸ™‚

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