Weight gain and feeling bloated

Although hunger strikes every two hours, I find that food are harder to digest this week. My tummy is so bloated I had a hard time buttoning my jeans. Even my short pants that were once loose fitted feels tighter now.

I was feeling quite low today so while waiting for Jorge on our Indian food date I decided to go on a shopping spree at Terminal 21. Bad idea! Extra-small-only-em-skinny-Thais-can-fit-dresses everywhere! I felt like a giant 🙁

Just so I was about to give up and make my way to Baskin Robbins, I saw Promod and that literally perked me up. So I went into a rampant and purchased a whole bunch of UK size 12 pants, tops, skirts and a jacket. And that made me felt even worst.

UK size 12! Jesus! I wanted to cave in and cry.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later, I stumbled upon this diet called the Paleo Diet. Basically, Paleo Diet is to eliminates grains, sugar and processed foods from your diet. I did some further research and found out that it is actually quite safe for pregnant women with some minor adjustments. Now that got me all pumped up! The idea is not to lose weight during pregnancy but eat healthy for me and the baby. Because honestly, I don’t want to put on another 20KG and being able to lose all that weight after delivery.

So today, I started my day with cereal, nuts and soy milk for breakfast.

And scramble eggs with tomatoes and cheese.

I tried to eat small meals every 2 hours and snack on baby carrots, nuts and raisins.

Lets see if this works.

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